Best Practices for Heating rooms with Convectex Bed Bug Packages

23 Dec 2013

Always try to seal the room(s) from escaping heat. Especially HVAC vents, lights, bathroom exhaust fans, bottoms of doors, wall air-conditioners, etc… Cover windows pane with blankets or equivalent to minimize loss of energy from cold windows.

Remove items that you would not leave in your car on a hot sunny summer day. Candles, lighters, many foods, candies, etc…

Unplug all electrical items and do not place electrical items directly in front of the heater. Electrical items are rated for higher temperatures than you are heating, just avoid the direct heat coming out of the heater.

It is best to bag clothes, sheets, etc… and run in the clothes dryer for 20 minutes on high. Never leave clothes laying on the floor or other surfaces or they will act as an insulator and it will be difficult to heat under them sufficiently.
Open all drawers and separate all items so hot air can get everywhere easily.

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Bed Bugs

16 Dec 2013
Human beings most likely acquired bed bugs during our shared troglodytic ancestry.  This can be extrapolated due to the fact that all three of the known species of bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus, Leptocimex bouti , and Cimex lectularius) that parasitize human beings will also feed on bats (C. lectularuis readily attacks rodents and other domestic animals).  Bedbugs are dorsoventrally flattened, reddish brown bugs that can grow to a length of 8 mm.  They stay on their hosts no longer 5 to 10 minutes during feeding.Bed bugs feeds exclusively on blood and they prefer human hosts due to our “cavelike” habitats (i.e. our homes). Bed bugs are known to have devastating effects on the victims psyche as illustrated in the many websites dedicated to bed bugs.
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