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Mar 1, 2018

Why You Should Start Renting Out Your Bed Bug Heater

                Why You Should Start Renting Out Your Bed Bug Heater
As a loyal Convectex customer you know all the amazing benefits of using heat to kill bed bugs.  Heat treatments are highly superior to all other bed bug treatments due to their effectiveness and ease of use.  Convectex offers an environmentally friendly, non-toxic heat technology that can be applied to specific areas as well as entire structures.

Convectex heaters…

  • Kill all life stages of bed bugs-adult, nymphs, and eggs-with one treatment
  • Are a non-chemical, non-toxic approach that penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach areas.
  • Treat with no odor
  • Can heat an entire structure in 24 hours
  • Do no damage to contents in the infested room

With your heat equipment you can perform quality heat treatments for clients…but what about those people that want to DIY their bed bug solution?  Now, with, you can start saving your clients time and money by offering easy-to-use bed bug heat rentals!  With Rent Bed Bug Heaters your clients can kill bed bugs himself and keep their business on track for an affordable daily rate! You can offer your clients professional quality heaters, fast service, and all the information they need to perform professional quality heat treatments. And Convectex provides you all the tools to get started!

Some of the benefits to heater rentals include:

  • Rent Multiple Packages At The Same Time
  • Save Money & Let Clients Do It Themselves
  • Provide Exceptional Professional Add-On Services (Including follow up inspections, K-9 Detection and more)
  • Easy Online Scheduling System For Your Business (For Certified Rental Providers Only)
  • Equipment You Can Trust and Easy to Use Instructions for Your Customers
  • The Convectex Easy and Discreet System That You Already Use In Your Business
  • All of the training and equipment is provided by Convectex

With the Convectex nationally recognized bed bug eradication and training  program & facility located in Prescott, Arizona we can train you to provide quality heater rentals to your customers.  All our trainers have thousands of hours of bed bug heat treatment experience.  By completing our training course you can quality to become a “Certified Bed Bug Heat Provider” and fully benefit from all of the resources Rent Bed Bug Heaters has to offer.  These benefits will put your business a step-above the rest in the rental and bed bug elimination business.

In the training program we cover:

  • In Depth Bed Bug Biology and Behavior
  • Advanced Identification & Inspection Techniques
  • Hands on K-9 Inspections
  • Health Factors and Lawsuits
  • Proactive Bed Bug Management Procedures
  • Hands on Treatment Techniques and Training

Get the training you need to become a certified provider at

Take your business to the next level and be the first in your area to offer DIY bed bug heat rentals.  This revolutionary new concept is changing the way people are treating their homes and businesses for bed bugs.  Be a part of this new business opportunity and grow your business.  For more info call 877-375-0005.

Check out Rent Bed Bug Heaters At:


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