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Jan 16, 2018

4 Reasons Why Bed Bug Treatments Fail

                4 Reasons Why Bed Bug Treatments Fail

If you are trying to get rid of bed bugs in your home, office, or business you’re probably very aware of how hard it can be to completely eradicate the problem.  Bed bugs are smart, sneaky and very resilient.  Killing bed bugs is all a matter of using the right products and the proper steps. Bed bugs are not like other pests that can be taken care of with a simple spray or fogging.  Whether you are a homeowner or business manager you NEED to know what you are doing when tackling a bed bug issue.  Avoid these all to common mistakes!

The Top 4 Mistakes When Dealing with A Bed Bug Infestations

1.  Only Killing the Bugs That You Can See

Bed bugs are masters at hide and seek.  They can climb walls, tuck into small dark places, and feed on their host without them even being noticed.  The most common places to spot bed bugs is along or under your mattress…but that isn’t the only place you should look.  Bed bugs can live in ANY room in your home and in many parts of the room and inside furniture.  Products that only kill the easily detected bugs (Adults) often miss the largest part of the infestation and fail miserably to eradicate the entire problem.

2.  Using Products That Bed Bugs Are Resistant To

Just a few years ago there was a wide range of chemical treatments available that were proven to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  These compounds worked either over time or on contact.  Over recent years, bed bugs have evolved to become resistant to these chemicals.  Don’t waste your time with these off-the-shelf remedies that won’t solve your problem.  Most are highly repellant in nature and will only spread the infestation throughout your home, business, or adjacent apartment units.  Keep in mind that just because a product says it “Kills Bed Bugs” doesn’t mean it’s the most effective material or method.

3.  Not Preventing Re-Infestations

Let’s assume that you’ve killed all the bed bugs in your home.  You think “It’s finally over!”  But then, after a few nights, you wake up with a fresh cluster of bites.  Unfortunately, re-infestations are common when preventative measures aren’t taken, or if the entire structure hasn’t been cleared.  Bed bugs can also hitch a ride back to your home…Whether its your job, bus, or a friend’s house you, could pick up bed bugs again and re-infest the same area of your home.  Always try to figure out where the bed bugs came from in the first place if at all possible.  This will help ensure you aren’t going to have to relive the experience over and over.  If you live in an apartment its critical to be sure the problem isn’t coming from an adjacent unit!

4.  Hiring an Inexperienced Exterminator

When it comes to bed bugs the job needs to be done RIGHT the FIRST TIME!  You also don’t want to spend a fortune for treatment after treatment from a self-professed “Bed Bug Expert.”  Save yourself the time, money, and headache of an inexperienced exterminator and DO IT YOURSELF!  With Convectex you can buy the highest quality electric bed bug heaters that (when used as directed) can kill 100% of bugs and the eggs in the first treatment.  Treatments usually take 24 hrs. or less to be fully effective and have the capability of killing even the smallest, well-hidden bugs. 

5.  Don’t Waste Your Time and Money!  Get the BEST Bed Bug Solution Available.

When approaching a bed bug problem, it is important not to underestimate your foe. Your treatment needs to be quick and effective!  Convectex Heat System give you everything you need to kill bed bugs in the first treatment.  Kill Bed Bugs Yourself with Heat Today!


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