Start a Heat Biz

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Is your Pest Control Company Ready to compete in the ever-growing Bed Bug Heat Business?  Are you a motivated entrepreneur looking for an easy and in demand business model?  Look no Further!!  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to become a part of the rapidly growing Bed Bug Rental Business!

Learn from the Actual Originators of the Bed Bug Rental Business Concept and Start Making Bug Money Today.

Our Packages are Perfect for:

  • Pest Control Companies Looking for More Bed Bug Leads and Market Diversification
  • Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs
  • Perfect for Extra Monthly Income
  • Existing Equipment Rental Companies

Basic Rental Biz Starter Package

  • 1 x Elite 4 Heater
  • 1 x 15ft Lighted Power Cord
  • 2 x 25ft Lighted Power Cords
  • 1 x 50ft Lighted Power Cords
  • 2 x AF Elite Bed Bug Fans
  • 1 x Full GMS Power Distribution Kit
  • 1 x Resin Bed Bug Life Cycle
  • 1 x Convectex IR Thermometer
  • 1 Year Unlimited Equipment Repair / Replacement Warranty on Convectex Equipment
  • 6 Months Free Membership Listing as an “Equipment Rental Provider” or “Professional Heat Service Provider” on (Conditions Apply)

Certified Rental Biz Starter “Business in a Box” Package

  • 2 x Elite 4 Bed Bug Heaters
  • 1 x Elite 8 Bed Bug Heater
  • 3 x 15ft Lighted Power Cord
  • 9 x 25ft Lighted Power Cords
  • 4 x 50ft Lighted Power Cords
  • 6 x AF Elite Bed Bug Fans
  • 2 x Full GMS Power Distribution Kit
  • 1 x Resin Bed Bug Life Cycle
  • 3 x Convectex IR Thermometers
  • 2 Days of Heat Certification Training for 1-2 People (Includes Shuttle Service, Meals, and Lodging – Does Not Include Airfare)
  • 2 Year Free Membership Listing as “Certified Equipment Provider” on  (Includes Lead Services)
  •  2 Year Free Membership Listing as "IBBRA Certified Member" on (Includes Lead Services)
    • 2 Years Free Access to Rent Bed Bug Heaters Website Plugins, Videos, and Instructional Material
    • Unlimited Repair Warranty on Convectex Equipment for 2 Years
    • 2 Year Customized Bed Bug Marketing System:
      • 12 Social Media Posts (6 Unique)- Social media posts that help promote blogs and landing pages.
      • 1 Lead Magnet (eBook) - The 8 “The Top 8 Bed Bug Treatment Myths”, a 10 page beautifully illustrated publication
      • Marketing/eBooks Landing Page (Web Page) - A special eBook download page designed to collect leads and email addresses.
      • Sales Landing Page (Web Page) - A special page that helps prompts potential customers to make it easy to set an appointment.
      • 6 Marketing Emails - Marketing emails designed to stay in touch with prospects without feeling they are being sold to.
      • Setup of Google Local - We setup a Google local presence to make sure that Google ranks you high and stand out.
      • Google Advertising - Ad Management for up to $500 at no extra charge (then 20% of budget thereafter)
      • Content Syndication - Automatic posting of all blog articles and social posts to all your social media profiles.
      • Email Marketing - We send out regular emails to potential customers and keeps your business to of mind.
      • Automatic Lead Scoring and Activity Notifications - We monitor your prospects and notify you when they are active on your website.
      • Listing in Local Business Directories - We add your Pest Control business to over 50 local directories to make sure that will be found first.
      • Social Media Setup - We setup all your social accounts properly and connect them to our automation system.
      • Monthly Analytics and Reporting - Monthly reports to help show you the performance of your campaigns.
    • 2 Years Web Content Marketing & Social Media Management Services
    • 500 x Rental Promo Trifolds
    • 500 x Custom Life-cycle Plastic Bed Bug Business Cards
    • 100 x Bed Bug Education Posters
    • 100 x Heat Rental Instruction Cards
    • Biz Thumb drive
      • Custom Heat Rental Contracts
      • Bed Bug Heat Manual
      • Site Sheets
      • Much More!
    • 10% Discount on all future Equipment Purchases
    • 25% Discount on all Web and Graphic Services, Marketing and Promotional Material

     Call 602-377-0850 or CONTACT us For Pricing and Details