Start a Heat Biz

The How to Guide To Starting Your Own Bed Bug Heat Business

Is your Pest Control Company Ready to compete in the ever-growing Bed Bug Heat Business?  Are you a motivated entrepreneur looking for an easy and in demand business model?  Look no Further!!  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to become a part of the rapidly growing Bed Bug Heat Business! 

Convectex is here to help you get your bed bug heat business off the ground!  We offer all the equipment, training, and services to get you noticed in the bed bug elimination world. 

Just follow the steps below and you could be making bug money in no time!

1.  Research Equipment

The first step in starting your business is to decide what services you want to offer your clients.  Since you are already here at the Convectex, we assume that you have learned how our revolutionary heat technology can kill bed bugs quickly, and for a reasonable price. If you would like to know more check out our other blog posts at  In order to provide bed bug heat services you will need to purchase one of the specially designed packages available at  Depending on the size of the rooms you will be heating and how busy you will be will determine which package will work best for you.

Not sure what to choose?   The Convectex team is here to answer all of your questions and make recommendations based on your needs.  Give us a call at 877-375-0005 and we will be happy to design a custom package that is perfect for your new business.

2.  Get Trained

The next step in getting your business started is making sure you and your team is trained in the most advanced heating techniques.  Convectex offers training programs throughout the year that will provide you with all the tricks-of-the-trade that you will need to provide high quality services.  All our instructors have completed thousands of hours of heat treatments.  Find out when the next training session is at






Note:  Always be sure to check your individual states structural pest control laws and licensing requirements concerning treating bed bugs with heat!!

3.  Get Your Website and Branding Designed

You’ll want to break into the bed bug heat treatment world looking professional. The best way to do that is with a professionally designed logo and website.  The Convectex design/marketing team will get your branding started with a new logo, a professional website build-out, and even printed materials (such as business cards and brochures).  Already have a website but want to give it a face-lift?  We can do that too!  Contact us for more info!

4.  Start Advertising

Now that you have an online presence, your equipment is ready to go, and all of your training is fresh in your mind it is time to get some new clients!  Convectex offers a variety of services to help you get started with your online advertising.

Rent Bed Bug Heaters provides businesses with a heater rental listing and scheduling service (for certified providers).  Get your business listed on the site for a monthly or yearly fee and watch the clients come to you!
IBBRA Membership
Become an IBBRA certified service provider today and you will immediately begin receiving increased business exposure, quality lead generation, free business materials, professional networking, product discounts and so much more.  Learn more at
As you can see Convectex has you covered in every aspect of your new business. We are here to help you succeed and are excited to get you started in the booming business of Bed Bug Heat Treatments!

Don’t wait, call us today for more info! 

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