Splitter - 4 Way A/C PTAC Power Adapter

Splitter - 4 Way A/C PTAC Power Adapter
List Price: $339.00

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$299.00 - Designed specifically for in wall 20 amp hotel Air Conditioner outlets. For use with the Elite 8 Heater.

Converts 20 Amp/220 VAC PTAC wall air conditioning receptacle to 4/110 VAC plugs.    
Total Length = 13 Feet
Warning:  This product / power adapter is to only be used in conjunction with the Elite 33K Hypro and Elite 8 heaters.  Do not use with the Eliminator or Elite 4 Heater, or other heater not specified.  Under NO circumstances should this specialty power adapter be used or manipulated  for any other purpose, application, or equipment other than those previously listed.