Bed Bug Heat Verification Stickers

Bed Bug Heat Verification Stickers
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$39.99 Verify Proper Lethal Temperatures on All Your Bed Bug Heat Treatments! Changes colors at 113°F / 45°C and 122°F / 50°C

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Stickers come on sheets of 10.

Verify Proper Lethal Temperatures on All Your Bed Bug Heat Treatments!

Bed Bug Heat Verification Labels

  • Multiple / Highly accurate temperature verification zones.
  • Advanced Proprietary Ink Technology
  • Re-Usable (Deep freezing less than -4°F / -20°C re-sets the label).
  • Changes colors at 113°F / 45°C (Black to Orange) and 122°F / 50°C (Blue and Black to Orange and White).
  • Perfect tool to verify and document that proper lethal temperatures were achieved.
  • High Temperature Adhesive backing.
  • Verify temperatures, in drawers, mattresses, clothing etc.
  • Sticker Size: 2" x 4"
  • Works well with any Bed Bug Heat treatment system.
  • Bulk orders and Private Labeling available.  Call for details!

Verifying and documenting any heat treatment is a critical step to insure a successful treatment.  Our Bedbug Heat Verification Labels are Certified by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority as cost effective means of determining and documenting lethal temperature readings during and after a Bed Bug Heat treatment.

These Labels are like no other in terms of form and functionality.  Being a sticker lets you easily place these on walls, ceilings, and other critical areas.  Keep the adhesive backing on to place in piles of clothes, drawers, books and even under carpets.

How the Bed Bug Indicator Label Works:

Directions:  Place sticker on or in between all critical and or heat sensitive surfaces. Sticker changes colors rapidly and will only remain fixed after cooling and once indicated temperatures have been achieved.  The entire sticker and temperature indication boxes will remain a fixed ORANGE color and a fixed BLUE message will appear below.  Deep freezing less than -4°F / -20°C re-sets the label.

Note:  Cimastat Bed Bug Heat Verification labels are only a tool to accurately monitor and record preset temperature points during Bed Bug heat treatments! This device does not eradicate bed bugs or ensure for a proper and or successful heat treatment.  Use at your own risk!