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May 1, 2019

Bed Bug Treatments for Apartments

                Bed Bug Treatments for Apartments



Dealing with any bed bug problem will undoubtedly cause concern for those in charge of solving the problem.  Bedbugs in apartment complexes cause additional concern because of their tendency to spread to multiple units.  Rental agreements and liability issues also make treatments for bed bugs complicated. 

If you are a resident or a property owner/manager at an apartment complex, and recently found out that you have bed bugs, you might be asking yourself; Who is responsible for the treatments costs?  What are the steps I should take after finding bed bugs in a unit?  Isn’t there a cheaper way to kill bed bugs?  At Convectex we get these same questions daily…And we’re here to help.  Whether you’re an owner, financially responsible for treating the infestation, or just an innocent victim of an infestation that spread to your home; Convectex heat treatments are the right solution for you. 

Here are some FAQ regarding bed bugs in apartment complexes:

There are bed bugs in my rental apartment, what do I do?

First, you should pull our your rental agreement and review your rights and obligations as well as what your landlord is responsible for. As a rental tenant, you should also report any infestations to the landlord (in writing) as soon as you suspect a problem.  Be open with your landlord and find out if they own bed bug heat equipment themselves, or if one of the Convectex heat equipment providers are on their preferred pest control companies list.  A heat treatment should be applied ASAP after confirming that you have a bed bug issue.  If you’re legally responsible for the treatment, contact Convectex to find out which package is right for you, OR contact one of the providers and rent a Convectex heating package.

One of my tenants just reported bed bugs, as a landlord, what is my responsibility?

Due to bed bugs tendency to move through shared walls, on people’s clothing’s and belongings, and through infested items, it is essential to solve the issue quickly. A single unit issue can quickly spread to multiple units if ineffective treatments are applied.

The most important tip for landlords is to NEVER IGNORE A BED BUG REPORT.  Help your tenants perform effective treatments quickly.  Bed bugs DO NOT mean that the tenants are “dirty” or have been negligent in keeping the unit clean.  Bed bugs can affect anyone, anywhere!  By working with your tenants and keeping an open line of communication for reporting bug issues, you can avoid the spread of any infestations to other units and causing more costly treatments and/or repairs.

Every leasing agreement is different, so you, as the owner may or may not be financially responsible for the treatment,.  Regardless of your financial responsibility, you will want to closely monitor the issue and make sure that the proper treatments are being applied.  That’s why many owners and managers perform their own heat treatments.  That way you can confirm that the treatments are being applied properly and to the units needed. If you’re looking for a bed bug solution that won’t cost a fortune, and can be performed quickly to avoid the risk of “pushing” the bugs to another unit the you should check out the Convectex heating packages.  Find out which package is right for you by clicking here. 

I’ve been “treating” these bed bugs for months, but they keep coming back!  What am I doing wrong?

As mentioned above, bed bugs can spread quickly in multi-family living situations.  Without proper treatments you could be spreading and “re-infesting” areas, which can cause treatments to fail and extend the treatment timeline for weeks, months or even years.  Quit wasting your time with ineffective treatments and turn on the bed bug heaters.  Convectex heaters kills ALL the bugs inside the treatment area in 24 hours or less.  Surrounding units (beside, above and below) should all be treated for bed bugs as well.

How do I perform a bed bug inspection?

Convectex has put together a DIY inspection guide which can be found here.

I’m going to be performing a DIY heat treatment with my new Convectex equipment, what preparation steps are required?

The prep for a heat treatment is easy!  You can find our easy to follow tips here.

How do I know that the treatment area reached lethal temperatures?

Convectex provides two ways to monitor your heat treatment.  First, every Convectex heat package comes with an infrared thermometer to help monitor the treatment temperatures.  You should use the thermometer on surfaces throughout the heated area, multiple times during the treatment.  If you want to be 100% sure that lethal temperatures were reached, OR if you need to prove to your landlord or tenants that the treatment was performed properly, then you should use the Cimastat Verification Labels.  This second way of verifying a treatment can be applied to any surface or area in the infested area.  The label will turn from blue to orange once optimal temperatures have been reached.  The label will remain orange until reset (by deep freezing), which allows for your temperature results to be verified. The Cimastat Bedbug Heat Verification Labels are certified by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority as cost effective means of determining and documenting lethal temperature readings during and after a bed bug heat treatment.

Do you have more questions about heat treatment for bed bugs in apartment complexes?  Join us for one of our monthly training classes. These 1.5 day training sessions are held at our main office, located in beautiful Prescott, AZ.  Lodging, meals and training materials are all included in the price of the class.  Training courses like this aren’t offered anywhere else!  Sign up for our upcoming classes today!

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