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Jan 30, 2020

Bed Bug Heater Review 2020

                Bed Bug Heater Review 2020

Once you’ve realized that heat is the best way to kill bed bugs, you’ve likely turned to Convectex to purchase the perfect Bed Bug Heat package for your needs.  But with all the different heaters and power options available from Convectex, you might be asking yourself, “Which Package is Right for Me?"

Here is an easy to read comparison and review of our top 4 selling bedbug heat packages to help you make the right decision. 

110 Volt DIY Bed Bug Heat System

110 volt Bed Bug Heater and Fan

Price: $1,499.99

Power Requirements: 110/120 Volt

3 Heating Elements: (2 Draw 12 amps/120 Volt and 1 Draws 10 amps/120 Volt )

BTU’s: 14,000

Heating Space: 200sqft

Extras Included in Package: Bed Bug Heat Verification Indicator Stickers

Intended Users: DIY and Hotel users performing small room or spot heat treatments (200sqft or Less)

The 110 Volt DIY Bed Bug Heat System is affordable and easy to use by anyone.  It’s internal fans make it usable alone, or add fans for better convection and results.  Plus you get free Bed Bug Heat Verification Indicator Stickers to make sure that your heat treatment was successful!



The most affordable Convectex heat package

Can only heat around 200sqft

Heater and Fan Stack

Low BTU’s

FREE verification labels with certain packages

1 year manufactures warranty

Perfect for small spaces or spot treatments

Can only heat around 200sqft

Highly Durable and Stackable

12 Hour Shut Off Timer.  Must reset for longer treatment times.

All Power Cords Included


Free Same Day Shipping



Elite Bed Bug Heat Master Package

Bed Bug Heater Package Hotel Master

Price: $2,666.65

Power Requirements: 120Volt

Available in 4 and 8 Element Versions

Elite 4 BTU’s: 20,460

Elite 8 BTU’s: 26,190

Heating Space: 400 Sq Ft

Extras Included in Package: Extra Fan, Bed Bug Heat Verification Indicator Stickers, Sprinkler head covers, transboard, Bed Bug ID and education kit is included.

Intended Users: Professionals Heat Treatment Companies (treating hotels) OR  Hotel/Motel Properties.

This package was designed for use in hotels/motels and by professional heat treatment pest professionals.  This package is highly effective in small to medium spaces and boasts a 2 year no fault warranty plus a 5 year exclusive heater element warranty.  This ultimate 110 volt package comes with the heating equipment, prevention information, education materials and identification products, which is everything that you could need to start killing bed bugs yourself while educating your staff.



2 year no fault warranty, plus 5 year heater Element Warranty.

Can be hard to find enough circuits when using the Elite 8 package option. Works best with the air conditioner PTAC splitter cord.

Two configurations available to maximize 15 amp (Elite 4) or 20 amp (Elite 8) circuits

Not as powerful as the 220 volt systems

Identification and education kit is included


Added Sprinkler covers 

All the cords and splitters you could need

Including optional hotel 220Volt PTAC step down splitters.

Free Same Day Shipping

Transboard for easy moving and storage



VeraPro Elite Bed Bug Heat System

Price: $3,499.99

Power Requirements: 120V and or 220V

6 Heating Elements

  • 2 x 15Amp 240VAC Circuits
  • 4 x 15Amp 120VAC Circuits

BTU’s: 46,663

Heating Space: 650sqft

Extras Included in Package: Turtle Power Step Down Kit and Carrying Bag, 6 x 220Volt plug adapters

Intended Users: Professional Heat Treatment Companies

The VeraPro Elite Bed Bug Heat System is the ultimate in plug and play versatility and power.  This revolutionary heater allows the user to connect 120V and or 220V power to the heater, which allows for the heater to be used just about anywhere. You can use one or both power sources at the same time!  This package was designed for the professional heat treatment company in mind.  This is the industries most powerful and versatile heat system on the market today and a must have for any Bed Bug heat treatment company.



Can be used with any power situation

Professional use only

Most Versatile Power Versatile Heater

Heater is not stackable with the fans

All the adapters and extensions you needed

Heaviest Heater

Two Separate Thermostats / Controls


Free Same Day Shipping


Best Bang for your Buck (Two Heaters for the Price of One)


Apartment Bed Bug Super Budget – 240 Volt

Apartment Bed Bug Heater

Price: $3,666.65

Power Requirements: 240Volt

2 Heating Elements

BTU’s: 52,377

Heating Space: 800sqft

Extras Included in Package: None

Intended Users: Bed Bug Heat Professional  

The 240 Volt Apartment Bed Bug Super Budget Package is one of the longest offered packages from Convectex.  This package was designed for treating apartments that offer ample 240 V power.  One of the main pro’s of this package is the large treatment space.  This package can easily heat 800 sq. ft. which makes it perfect for treating an entire apartment with just 1 heater.  This heavy-duty package should be handled by a trained bed bug heat professional only and may require a certified electrician to wire directly into a panel.

In summary:

If you’re a DIYer on a budget – Buy the 110 Volt DIY Bed Bug Heat System and consider adding additional fans for best results.  The more fans you use….  The Better the result.

If you’re a Hotel / Motel Owner or DIYer who wants the best in warranty, air Circulation, and ease of transport– Buy the Elite Bed Bug Heat Master Package.  Keep in mind that the educational materials in this package is the ultimate tool in the bed bug battle.

If you’re a Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company who’s killing bed bugs for a living and is going to encounter many different power situations – Buy the VersaPro Elite Bed Bug Heat SystemThere is seriously not a better plug and play professional use heater on the market.

If you’re a Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company with a lot of Apartment clients or you are an Apartment Property owner who has plenty of 240Volt plugs and or sub-panels in the units– Buy the Apartment Bed Bug Super Budget Package - 240 Volt

Don’t forget that Convectex offers Training and Financing.  You could be eligible for a No Payments for 90 days and finance for as little as $75/month on the packages above.  

Still have questions?  Feel free to give us a call at 877-375-0005




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