TurtlePro - Power Distribution Box

TurtlePro - Power Distribution Box
List Price: $399.99

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$389 Easily step down all the 240Volt to 120Volts. Get 4 x 15-amp outputs equipped with GFCI

TurtlePro - Power Distribution Box

(Converts 240 Volt to 120 Volt)

Utilize the Power from the Dryer or Stove Receptacle During a Bed Bug Heat or Dry-out! 


TurtlePro Power Boxes are designed to be a simple 240 Volt to 120 Volt power step down box that is easy to use and operate. Our spider boxes have been designed to provide maximum safety and protection all while offering a wide selection of power adapters, extensions, and plugs.

All of the TurtlePro's 15-amp outputs are equipped with GFCI's.  The housing is injection molded to protect against electric shock and removes the need to further ground the box in most applications. All power boxes come standard with the correct overcurrent protection / 30 amp main switch. The main breaker switch ensures that you will not overload the power supply and will switch off before becoming a fire hazard.  

Note:  National Electric code for extended power usage states that you shouldn't exceed 80%. For the extended use of the box, only 12 amps per GFCI should be utilized.


  • Spaced (4)15 Amp Receptacles (For Better Cooling)
  • 30 Amp Main Breaker Overload Protection
  • Built in Handle

  • Rating:  ETL Listed 125/250V 30 Amp
  • MAX Amps:  60 Amps/125 Volts
  • Input:  30A/220V
  • Output: 48A/115V
  • Receptacles:  (4) 15 Amp Duplex 
  • GFCI Protection: YES
  • Over-current Protection:  YES
  • Power Box Weight:  10 Pounds
  • Large Profile Feet
  • Exclusive Channel Protected Plug!

See:  Full Power Distribution / Conversion Kit Includes 240Volt Adapters and Carrying Bag!

Now Available in Different Colors!!!