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Jun 1, 2022

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are tricky pests because they can hide in places we simply can’t reach.  They’ll crawl inside your mattress or make a home in those small cracks and crevices around your floor and the walls. Once they’ve made a home there, killing them at all life stages can be tough, but the good news is high and low temperatures can help.

What temperature kills bed bugs?

Convectex Bed Bug Heaters are by far the most effective way to deal with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs have grown resistant to chemical treatments and the chemicals have to be sprayed directly on the problem area to help. If that’s inside your mattress, it’s very difficult to kill them and you also won’t want to sleep on your mattress for some time.

Bed Bug Heat treatments can kill bed bugs (and any other unwelcome pests) in a room, residence, or place of business in just hours. But how long does it actually take to kill bed bugs with heat? Let’s break it down by life stage.

  • Bed bug eggs: Bed bug eggs are, surprisingly, the most robust life stage. Bed bug eggs must be exposed to a temperature of 113F for a full 60 minutes to be sure of 100% mortality.
  • Young and adult bed bugs: adult bed bugs will die if they are exposed to a heat of 113F for 15 minutes or more, or in just 20 minutes if exposed to a heat of 118F.

Bed bug heat eradication chart showing the duration and temperature needed to kill the difference life stages of bedbugs.

It’s worth noting that the convection created by the powerful fans in our heat treatment packages can kill bed bugs even more quickly because the heat spreads around the room or structure more effectively.

Can a heat treatment be completed in just a few hours?

Yes and no. While yes, the science says that after heating a room to 113F-118F all bed bugs at all life stages should have died, we recommend you prolong the duration.

Why prolong it when heat is so effective? Bed bugs are difficult pests to get rid of, and even just one left behind can restart an infestation. We recommend you “overdo” it to ensure that the right amount of heat has been applied to all areas. Remember that heat treating bed bugs works in much the same way as a convection oven - that heat must be “blown” around and given time to penetrate deep into walls and under carpets to fully reach all areas bed bugs might be hiding.

You also need to remember that homes typically aren’t air-tight, so the treatment won’t work in the same way an oven would. There will be some heat loss through windows and other areas of the home. To be sure you are maximizing the bed bug heat treatment success rate, it’s best to perform a bed bug heat extermination treatment (using 110 electric bed bug heaters) for at least 24 hours . 

Can you freeze bed bugs to death?

Technically yes, but it’s not as effective as a bedbug heat treatment. If you take an infested item, such as a sweater, you can put it in a sealed bag and place it in a large freezer for 4-5 days to kill any bed bugs inhabiting it. Of course, this takes longer than a bed bug heat treatment and it’s simply not possible to freeze a room (let alone a home) to the right temperature to kill off bed bugs.

The good news is you can do your own bed bug heat treatment with little fuss. Our DIY home heat treatment packages make it easy to treat your home or business whenever you see a sign of bed bugs or worry you may have an infestation. Our heat bed bug treatment packages are easy to set up and store, so are the perfect solution for someone who travels frequently or owns a business that sees a lot of traffic. To explore our range of heat treatment packages, click here.

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