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Jan 25, 2017

Bed Bug Identification Guide

                Bed bug male and female

Bed bugs go through 5 stages of development after hatching from their tiny eggs.  At some stages, they are so small they can be difficult to see and identify.  Properly identifying bed bugs is one of the most important steps in their elimination. Once bed bugs have been properly identified and their locations noted, a successful heat treatment can be performed. 

The Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bug Lifecycle

bed bug eggsEggs:  The eggs are nearly microscopic and are virtually clear.    Eggs are often found in groups hidden inside furniture where they cannot be easily disturbed.  Once the bug emerges from the egg a translucent shell is left behind.

bed bug nymphNymphs: Once the bed bugs hatch the young nymph’s body is nearly transparent.  These small bed bugs will feed and turn red (the blood shows through its body).  Once they have fed they will molt and shed their outer shell.  Each stage ends with the bug shedding their outer shell and having a blood meal.


Growing from a Nymph to an Adult:

bed bug life stages

There are 4 more stages that bed bugs must go through before becoming an adult.  At each stage the bugs become bigger and darker in color.  During these stages, they also leave behind small dark droppings that can be seen during an inspection.

Adult Bed Bugs:

bed bug vs bat bug

At full size, bed bugs are reddish brown and approximately 8mm in length.  They like to feed every 1-3 days but can go as long as a few weeks without a meal.  Their blood “meals” usually take about 5-10 minutes and they prefer human victims over other animals.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Once a proper identification has been performed you can begin a professional heat treatment. provides the highest quality bed bugs heaters and all the information and training you need to perform effective elimination treatments.  Whether you are an apartment manager, hotel/motel owner, or a pest professional, Convectex can help you start killing bed bugs today!  Start shopping at Have questions?  Call us at 877-375-0005.

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