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About Convectex | OLD is North America's NUMBER ONE Distributor of Professional Bed Bug Heat Equipment and Systems. Convectex is the Master Distributor for K&J Products and distributes many lines of exclusive heater systems such as the Versapro Elite Bed Bug Heater.  We and our Nationally Recognized Bed Bug Eradication and Training Facility are located in Prescott, Arizona and have trained many distributors and pest control companies..  Convectex was formed to address the ever increasing need for an extremely effective and affordable DIY and Professional Bed Bug Heat system.

Unlike many of our competitors, our staff of real bed bug experts, and have personally completed thousands of individual heat treatment projects.  There is no situation that we can't help you solve!

Convectex is a family-owned and operated business, whose true passion is bed bug heat eradication. 

Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and many years of experience in bedbug heat treatments and control to provide you with bed bug heat products that you can count on to manage Bed Bugs effectively.  Our heaters and Air movers are safe, light, and easy to use yet durable and powerful. We can provide the equipment to heat almost any structure.

About the Owner,

Ron Ketner, (also the owner of AZEX Pest Solutions), has completed many thousands of bed bug treatments to the hospitality, multi-family communities, residential and businesses throughout the Southwest. He saw first-hand what so many of his clients were going through and wanted to help them the best way he could without the huge expense of a “whack-a-mole” treatment strategy.

Ron said, “This isn’t only about hotels and multi-family properties, it’s about schools, businesses, my friends and family. This is OUR community. We are all at risk”.

Ron has consulted with many hotel management teams after their exhausting attempts to get ahead of the bed bug problems. He became aware that most were doing repeated chemical treatments themselves with no permanent relief from bed bugs in sight. They would spray in one room and bed bugs would find their way into adjacent rooms the next week.  This greatly disturbed Ron, so he decided to create a way where hotel and multi-family property owners could manage bed bugs safely and effectively themselves. He also wanted to see his client’s goal of 100% occupancy come true without tarnished bed bug reputations but also knew he and his team could not be in hundreds of places all at the same time. Thus Convectex was born! 

With many thousands of bed bug heat treatments under his own belt, Ron has become one of the countries foremost authority on Bed Bug Heat Remediation. Ron created Convectex to approach bed bug remediation in new and smarter ways with innovative technology, targeted control, and environmentally friendly practices.  

Convectex offers the most advanced and affordable bedbug heat systems and equipment available anywhere. 

CE Educator, and/or Research Fellow for the:

  • Arizona Office of Pest Management
  • Arizona Department of Health Services- “Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Program”
  • Society for Vector Ecology
  • National Science Foundation
  • Animal Behavior Society
  • Arizona Nevada Academy of Sciences
  • US Dept of Animal Plant Health Inspection Services

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