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Oct 5, 2016

Why Your Pest Control Business Needs Bed Bug Detection K-9’s

                Why Your Pest Control Business Needs Bed Bug Detection K-9’s
As a pest professional you know that accurate detection and treatment of bed bugs is critical to the success of any treatment.  The first step in any bed bug treatment is the proper identification.  Due to their small size and nearly translucent color, nymphs and bed bug eggs can be nearly impossible for the human eye to detect.  Convectex is here to solve your detection problems with some of the most highly trained bed bug K-9’s available.  With the right handler these dogs can be extremely accurate at detecting and alerting the handler to any bed bug sighting.


The Best Detection Available

Because of their accuracy, bed bug dogs are one of the best ways to find bed bugs.  Whether you are doing a preliminary inspection or a follow up after a heat treatment, you need a detection dog by your side.  The Convectex dogs are trained to be 95% accurate when detecting bed bugs.  Because of the human sight limitations, even the best trained technicians are only about 30% accurate.  Our dogs can also sniff out bugs hiding in hard to see areas like inside walls, under carpets, or inside furniture where a human isn’t likely to look.

Bed Bug Dog

Do the Fastest Searches In Town

Trained detection dogs can search a typical hotel room in approximately 3 minutes, meaning you can search an entire hotel in 1 day.  This is greatly better than their human counterparts that take 15-20 minutes per room. With a K-9 Detection team you can perform proactive bed bug inspections for your hotel, motel and apartment clients easily and quickly.  Search up to 100-200 rooms per day with only 1 dog.

Save Money for You and Your Clients

Save time and money by searching rooms quicker and more accurately.  Only treat the rooms that have bed bugs and eradicate problem early by scheduling proactive searches throughout the year.  This is savings that both you and your clients will love.

Give your Clients Peace Of Mind

Provide an added level of security with each heat treatment by offering a K-9 Inspection after every treatment.  Your clients can be sure the bed bugs are gone and you will have the proof that the heat treatment was performed correctly and effectively.  If any of your clients are ever involved with a bed bug related lawsuit, a trained bed bug detection dog is considered a scientific instrument and will greatly improve their reputation in court.  Proper documentation of all k-9 searches will also keep away bed bug sighting and potential lawsuits.

Don’t wait another minute, your business needs a k-9 detection dog!  Call our master trainer, Sonny, at (602) 377-0850 for more information.  We currently have dogs available for sale and offer all of the training necessary to make you a successful detection dog handler. 

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