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Jul 1, 2021

What Should You Do After a Bed Bug Treatment?

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A bed bug infestation is never pleasant, and even after an extensive bed bug treatment, you may wonder what to do next. Is your home now safe? Should you go back to living your life as normal? Can you ever relax again? The answer is yes, but you may need to take some preventative measures in case you experience a second infestation. 

Here are some tips to follow so you know you’re doing everything right following a bed bug treatment in your home. 

I’ve just had a bed bug infestation treated in my home: what next? 

  1. Disinfect all the surfaces in the home, particularly in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. This won’t directly kill the bed bugs, but it’ll remove any dirt spread by them in passing. 
  2. Vacuum your sleeping areas. While you don’t have to vacuum your sleeping area for it to be usable, it’s likely going to give you peace of mind to do so. So strip your bed and vacuum your mattress and pillows, and mattress topper if it’s too large to fit in the washer. Put all your other sheets in the wash and consider treating yourself to a new set so you feel as fresh and clean as possible!
  3. Avoid entering the treated rooms for the length of time your bed bug removal specialists advise. The benefit of a heat treatment is that you only need to wait until your home is cool enough to be comfortable once more, so this won’t be long. 
  4. Inspect your home every month or so. Bed bugs can attach themselves to materials and people, moving to another room when threatened. A heat treatment will have killed any bed bugs in the home, but if you travel regularly, it’s also worth reinspecting your home regularly to catch any new bed bugs early.
  5. Take continuous preventive measures to avoid further bed bug infestations. When you travel, inspect your hotel room before you get comfortable: look at the linens, mattress, bed frame, headboard, and bedside tables. Avoid putting your luggage on the floor or bed of a hotel, keeping it on a luggage rack instead. It’s also best to avoid storing your belongings in any hotel furniture like bedside tables or wardrobes. Once you return home, wash all your clothing immediately. If there’s anything you can’t machine wash, place it in the dryer on the highest heat as this will likely kill any remaining bed bugs or eggs.


Regular traveler? A heat treatment unit may be the most cost-effective choice

The discovery of a bed bug infestation can feel like a waking nightmare, but at Convectex, we’re here to help. Whether you’re a homeowner or are in charge of a hotel or motel, we can help you eradicate your bed bug problem quickly and effectively. Our heat units are available to rent or buy, so you can easily treat your own home whenever you feel it necessary. If you travel often, regular inspections are essential. Click here to view our full range of bed bug heat treatment packages. 


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