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May 1, 2021

Top 3 Reasons Why Some Bed Bug Treatments FAIL

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It can be a grim discovery to find that you have bed bugs and to make the situation even more stressful; bed bugs can be tricky to get rid of. These tiny critters are drawn to warmth and moisture and often come back home with you after a vacation or work trip. 

If you’ve ever encountered bed bugs in your home or are searching for a solution right now, this guide will help you identify them and why many bed bug treatments fail.

How do I identify bed bugs? 

Bed bugs cannot fly but rather move quickly across floors, walls, and even the ceiling. Over their lifespan, female bed bugs can lay over 200 eggs, each of which is around the size of a speck of dust.

Young bed bugs, or nymphs, shed their skins about five times before maturing and require feeding before each period of shedding. Under certain conditions, bed bugs can mature fully in under a month, producing up to four generations every year.

Bed bugs can be resilient little critters, but why are they so difficult to get rid of?

Why Do So Many Bed Bug Treatments Fail? 

Top 3 Reasons  

Bed bug treatment may fail if you: 

  1. Fail to treat other areas bed bugs may have migrated to, such as other rooms. This is a problem, particularly in apartment complexes where many people live on one floor. 
  2. Don’t follow recommended pesticide label rates. Chemical treatments aren’t ideal because they aren’t good for you, and they’re not 100% effective against the infestation. For a chemical treatment to work, it’s got to penetrate every nook and cranny and deep inside your mattress, which isn’t often possible.
  3. Don’t follow up on the treatment in enough time. Many pesticides just kill the bugs, not the eggs, so you’ll want to repeat the treatment after the eggs hatch, or you’ll have a harder time controlling the infestation.

How do I ensure all bed bugs are killed?

Trying to eradicate bed bugs from your home can be frustrating and often unsuccessful. The most effective way to get rid of bed bugs is to apply heat since raising the heat in your home for a prolonged period will kill every bed bug and their eggs. You need a professional heat package to do the job. 

Heat kills all the bugs that have infested a room, not just those you can see. With sprays and chemicals, you have to prepare the area before getting rid of them. This process may involve thorough cleaning, removing clutter, sealing cracks in walls and doors, etc.

With our professional heat packages, you can guarantee that the bed bug problem will be eradicated effectively in no time. Simply hire the package you need, follow our easy instructions, and vacate your home for a few hours. When you return, you’ll have a restful night’s sleep.

Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs in your home, hotel, or you run a pest control company, Convectex has the perfect package for you. We’ve combined the science of thermal convection and our years of experience in bed bug eradication to provide you with reliable bed bug heat products. Our heaters are safe, user-friendly, durable and powerful. We can provide the equipment to heat structures of any size.

If you’re unsure which package will suit your needs, click here to view our full range of heaters, or you can reach out to us at 877-375-0005, and we’ll ensure you get all the advice you need.


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