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Aug 25, 2016

The True Bed Bug Treatment Costs for Your Business?

                Bed bug business costs

Bed bugs are a serious financial problem to businesses around the country. Infestations are causing businesses to lose clients and valuable business hours due to prolonged and ineffective treatments.  With traditional extermination methods an infestation could last for months, cost thousands of dollars and still result in a damaged reputation or lawsuit.

Here are 4 main ways that bed bugs cost businesses money:

  1. Lost business: Depending on the type of business that has been infested with bed bugs there can be significant loss of customers.  Hotels and motels are most known for having bed bugs issues and can suffer from many room that are un-rentable during a bed bug infestation.  Exterminators, using traditional chemical extermination methods, can take weeks or even months before the problem has been solved.  This means that those infected rooms can’t be rented during that time. A recent study by the Steritech Group found that out of 700 hotels nearly 25% of them had a bed bug issue in the 3 years under study. [1]  Bed bugs infestations could be limited to a single room, but often spread to adjoining rooms resulting in blocks of rooms that are unable to be rented.  The cost to your business could be huge!
  2. Treatments: Traditional chemical treatments have been proven to be increasing ineffective against bed bugs due to their evolutionary adjustment to the commonly used substances. As we said above, treatments can last weeks or even months before the problem is solved.  Exterminators will often want to charge you for each treatment, which can result in thousands of dollars in extermination fees.  One apartment owner reported costs upwards of $40,000 to rid 4 apartment units of a single bed bug infestation.  The four apartments were infested at the same time due to the bugs traveling through the walls into adjoining rooms.  [1]
  3. Damaged reputation: Viral videos/photos, news articles and damaging online reviews are all possible with any bed bug sighting.  With more and more people sharing their experiences online, a bed bug infestation could end up making headlines before you know it.  Bed bugs are constantly making a buzz in the news and negligent business owners are being blasted with videos and photos of bed bug activity.  Nobody wants to stay at a bed bug infested Hotel or Motel, and even one bad review mentioning bed bugs can cause potential customers to head the other way. People are more aware of bed bugs now than ever before, and many aren’t willing to “chance it” at a place that has had a bed bug issue in the past.
  4. Lawsuits: Over the years we have tracked and reported on some of the largest settlements ever awarded to tenants and unsuspecting customers that found bed bugs in their room or apartment. Some of the most memorable cases ended in $150,000 - $800,000 settlements.  Obviously this is the worst case scenario and is usually the result of extremely negligent business owners, but it can’t be disregarded as a threat against businesses with a bed bug problem.  Even a single room infested with bed bugs can result in a court case, especially if the proper procedures and documentation haven’t been set in place. 

You might be asking, how to I avoid all of this from happening to my business?  The answer is actually really simple.  Convectex offers DIY heat treatment equipment that can solve your bed bugs problem in a little as 8 hours and doesn’t require hiring an exterminator.  Heat treatments allow you to only treat the rooms that have the bed bugs, and keeps the rest of your business operational.   Avoid exterminators roaming the halls of your hotel, motel or apartment complex by killing bed bugs yourself in a discreet and effective manor.  Convectex offers a range of packages to fit any need and budget.  Most packages will pay for themselves in as few as 4 treatments.  Never hire an exterminator again!  Don’t wait months to solve a single bed bug problem!  Keep your business on track with CONVECTEX BED BUG HEATERS!  For more information, call us at 877-375-0005 and one of our friendly staff would be happy to help you choose the package that’s right for you.  Convectex also offers all of the training and resources you will need in order to use the equipment in the most effective way possible.  You can kill bed bugs like a pro!  Call today!


[1]  The Cost of Bedbugs

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