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Mar 7, 2019

The Tools to Get Rid of Bed Bugs -- For Good

                Bed bug heater for sale

Convectex Bed Bug Heaters

The most important thing to remember when you’ve got a bed bug infestation is that these little pests are fighters. They can live in cold or warm climates and can go almost indefinitely without feeding on a human. If it were easy to get rid of them, there wouldn’t be such a persistent problem.

There are plenty of “home remedies” and money-saving hacks out there that claim to help get rid of bed bugs. But while these might help you catch and kill some bed bugs, very few of them will permanently get rid of your infestation.

To get rid of bed bugs for good, you have to bring out the heat -- literally.

Bed bugs are said to be able to survive up 122 degrees Fahrenheit. So, in order to get rid of bed bugs in their every hiding place, you’ll need to be able to raise the heat of a room to well above that.

The good news is, professional-grade heaters with high temperature fans are now available for individuals to buy for a fraction of the price of professional heat treatments. Once you find the best bed bug heat system for you, make sure to follow our guide to getting rid of bed bugs, and use it correctly!

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