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Aug 1, 2019

The Best Pest Control Companies Offer Bed Bug Heat Treatments

                Bed Bug heat pest control company

How does your business stand out from the competition?  There are countless pest control companies out there that claim to offer bed bug extermination services, many of which aren’t successful. 

How is your business different from theirs?  What sets your services apart from the “other guy”?  Convectex is here to help pest control companies stand out, offer better services, and appear more professional for their customers. 

Here’s what the best pest control companies are offering to their customers:

Heat Treatments:  It’s no secret, heat is the best way to kill bed bugs, but not all heat treatments are equal.  Using professional quality equipment that’s been tried and tested for quality and effectiveness will set your business apart from the competition. 

Let us help you find the equipment that’s right for you!  Call 877-375-0005 for assistance choosing the right bed bug heat package.

Treatment Packages:  Consider packaging your treatment options for customers to provide the best quality services.  Include inspections, heat treatments, residual chemical applications, and k-9 inspections in one easy to understand and ultra-effective packages to boost sales.   Instill confidence in your customers by ensuring that you have “ all the bases covered” in your all-inclusive packages.

Educational Materials:  The typical customer probably doesn’t know that much about bed bugs. By educating the public, you are not only helping your customer with their immediate problem, but you are also helping them avoid future infestations and gaining a loyal customer.  Explain your treatment options, provide general bed bug information, dispel bed bug myths, and more with simple educational marketing materials.  Contact Convectex today to learn more about our pre-designed marketing materials, OR ask to speak with our Graphic Designers for custom design work. Packages for new businesses are also available.

Affordable DIY Options:  The DIY movement has been a trend for years.  Whether people want to save money, or they would rather work on their own schedule, DIY methods are attractive to many people.  A lot of DIY bed bug methods aren’t sufficient though, which can lead to very frustrated people.  Be the first in your area to offer Bed Bug Heater Rentals.  Our affordable prices, proven effective treatments, and quality equipment will sell themselves.  Plus, With leads will be sent directly to you!  For more information about Rent Bed Bug Heaters membership programs and packages visit

So how can Convectex help your business be more successful?  Contact us today to learn more about starting a bed bug business, or get info about improving or adding bed bug heat treatments to your business.  Call 877-375-0005 today!

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