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May 1, 2024

The Right Way to Treat Bed Bugs and Keep Your Home Safe

                The Right Way to Treat Bed Bugs and Keep Your Home Safe

Bed bugs are more than just a pesky annoyance; they are persistent invaders that can be tough to eradicate. When faced with a bed bug infestation, it is tempting to try quick fixes to get rid of the problem ASAP but be careful. There's a right way and a not-so-right way to get rid of bed bugs.  

Not all DIY methods are effective or safe; some can even lead to disaster. We've outlined some common treatment methods people try when dealing with a bed bug infestation and each method's challenges. Then, we share a few scary examples about how things can go from bad to worse so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Common Bed Bug Treatment Methods

1.  Chemical Treatments:  Chemical pesticides, like bug bombs, sprays, and foggers, are commonly used to fight bed bug infestations but can have significant problems.  Bed bugs have started to develop resistance to many of the common chemicals used, meaning they are often ineffective, and some can actually disperse the bed bugs throughout your home.  Since the chemicals have to touch the bed bugs physically, bed bugs can hide from treatments and go on to reinfest the area immediately after treatment. 

These chemicals are toxic to living things, so spraying them all over your bedding and your pets' bedding isn't exactly healthy. That's why chemical treatments often require you to vacate the area for long periods, which isn't practical for many. 

2.  Natural Sprays:  Natural or organic sprays, often made with solutions already in your home, appeal to those looking for an immediate and safe solution. But the problem is that they rarely work. If they're safe for you and your pets, they're probably safe for the bed bugs. 

3.  DIY Heat Treatments:  Heat is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs, as they cannot survive sustained temperatures above 113°F. When done with professional equipment, heat treatments are the most effective solution for quickly exterminating bed bugs in your home. The best part is that once the room has cooled, you can safely go back to your normal life. 

However, to safely DIY a heat treatment, you must use heaters built for this purpose. Using space heaters, hair dryers, or propane garage heaters can lead to uneven heating, fire hazards, and personal safety concerns. 

Propane bed bug heaters are an option, but it's safer to let professionals handle them. Improper usage can pose serious risks. Without sufficient ventilation, propane can cause damage to heat sensitive items, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Purpose-built electric bed bug heaters are designed for the DIY'er to safely and evenly distribute heat, which is crucial for preventing fires and ensuring the extermination of all bed bugs. 

Three DIY Bed Bug Treatment Disasters 

The panic felt from discovering bed bugs can lead to some questionable decisions, some of which have led to disaster:

  • In 2013, a homeowner in New Jersey set his house on fire using a space heater, hair dryer, and heat gun in an attempt to eradicate bed bugs. While he'd selected the most effective treatment, he went about it the wrong way. 
  • A Kentucky woman accidentally burned down her apartment building in 2012 after dousing her bed bug-infested couch in alcohol to try and kill them. When ash from her cigarette fell onto the sofa, it went up in flames, leading to 30 people losing their homes. 
  • In Ohio, another woman tried the alcohol technique, which caught alight when she lit a candle nearby. This fire hospitalized three people and caused the other families in the building to lose everything in the blaze. 

These examples serve as stark reminders of why it's crucial to use professional and safe methods for bed bug elimination.

Don't Panic if you have just found bed bugs in your home. We are here to help with fast and safe solutions. 

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Convectex Bed Bug Heat Treatment Solutions

At Convectex, we provide high-quality electric bed bug heaters that ensure safe, effective, and even heat distribution for your do-it-yourself treatments.

 Our heaters are specifically designed to eradicate bed bugs without the risks associated with other DIY treatments. 

Whether you're facing a minor problem or a large infestation, our equipment offers a practical solution for homeowners and business owners, often for less than the price of one professional treatment. 

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