How To Start A Bed Bug Heat Business That Run’s Itself

Motivated pest control companies and entrepreneurs all over the country have found that bed bug heat treatments and bed bug heater rentals are the future of the bed bug treatment business.  Bed Bug heat treatments are in high demand, and if your pest control business isn’t offering them, then you’re missing out on thousands of dollars each month.  Quit sending business away!

Convectex is here to help you get your bed bug heat business off the ground with equipment, training, and even lead generation for your new business. 

Here’s How Our Business Start packages work:

Convectex offers two packages for new business owners that will set them up for success from day 1.  These packages are suitable for stand along with heat treatment business models, or as an addition to your other pest control services. 

Package 1: The Basic Rental Biz Starter

DIY bed bug rentals are the latest and greatest way for businesses to make passive income AND have the opportunity to “up-sell” your customers on professional follow up and other services.  With the Basic Rental Biz Starter Package, you get everything you need to start renting and offering professional bed bug heat treatments.  The package comes with the essential heater equipment including the Elite 4, 2 of the AF Elite Bed bug Fans and all necessary power cords.  Plus you’ll receive an IR Thermometer to monitor your treatments and a Resin Bed Bug Life Cycle to help educate and show customers what they're dealing with.

In addition to the equipment you’ll need, this full-service package comes with two days of heat certification training for 1-2 of your team members.  This training will give you the knowledge that you need to operate your equipment, information about bed bugs, and invaluable business tips from some of the best pros in the business.  You’ll walk out with everything you need to start your business from sample contract to heater manuals, site sheets, and much more. 

Finally, as part of this packages, you’ll receive a free 1-year membership to, and free access to the RentBedBugHeaters online scheduling plug-in, educational videos, and other instructional materials.  All of this will drive customers to your business and make scheduling your treatments and rentals fast and easy. 

Package 2: Enterprise Rental Biz Starter

This package is the full “Business in a Box”, not only does it include everything listed in package 1, you’ll also receive an extra Elite 4 heater, and Elite 8 heater, 4 more AF Elite Bed Bug Fans, 2 Turtle Power Step Down Kits, 2 Additional IR Thermometers and a 2 year membership to, and 2 years access to the website plugin, educational videos, and instructional materials. 

The Enterprise package sweetens the deal by adding a fully customized marketing kit which includes Custom Rental Promotional brochures, Custom PREMIUM plastic Lifecycle Cards, Educational posters, and heater Instruction cards.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on all future Equipment Purchases and 25% discount on all web design, graphic services, and marketing and promotional materials.  These discounts alone could save you thousands and when combines with the rest of the package you have everything you could ever need to start, run and promote your bed bug heat business.

The future of killing bed bugs with heat is Now!  Get started making bed bug money today.  With the lead generation memberships, partnership with RentBedBugHeaters and IBBRA, plus your new equipment, branding, website, and other benefits your business will be launched into success and be an easy passive income that will keep growing as your presence in your community grows. 

Purchase your business starter package today:

Please note:  These packages are NOT A FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY.