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Feb 23, 2017

How to Choose the Right Heater for Your Bed Bug Problem

                How to Choose the Right Heater for Your Bed Bug Problem

Congratulations, you now know that heat is the best way to solve any bed bug problem.  You are also ready to start killing bed bugs yourself.  But which heating package do you buy?  Which heater is right for the space and resources you have available?  Here is a quick guide to help you find the heater and/or heating package that’s right for you.

Step 1: Know Your Space and The Convectex Heaters

The first step to picking the right heater is knowing the space where you will be using the heater.  If you own an apartment complex you can decide how big the standard room is and choose the heater that works best for that size room. Our most popular heaters are the Elite 4 which can heat up to 300 sq ft, the Elite 8 which will heat up to 400 Sq. ft, or for larger spaces the Elite Max should be used for up to 800 sq.ft.

You will also need to know what kind of breakers you have and what heat system they can handle.  Each Heater requires different specifications which should be noted before buying a package.  If you have 15amp 120V breakers then the Elite 4 heater  will work well for you.  If you have 20amp 120V breakers then you can run the Elite 8 heater.  The Elite Max heater is the most powerful and requires 30 and 50 amp 220 V outlets. 

If the weight of the heaters will be an issue for you, please note that the Elite 4 is 39 LBS, the Elite 8 is 40 LBS, and the Elite Max is 45.5 LBS.  Depending on the package you purchase you may need a dolly to move to equipment.

You can learn more about each heater HERE:

Step 2: Know the Add -Ons

Once you know what heater you can run at your location, next you need to decide what accessories you will need. 

  • Fans:  The Elite 4, 8 and Max heaters always come with an internal fan to move the air evenly in the heated space.  You can decide how many extra fans you will need and find a package that fits those needs
  • Cords:  We offer a range of added cords to fit any need.  You can get a 15ft, 25ft or 50ft cord to extend your reach.  You may need to plug the heater or fans into another room if outlets aren’t available, so these extra cords could be required depending on your area.  We also have 20amp 220Volt PTAC splitters and power distribution kits available as well (for stepping down 30 and 50amp 220Volt circuits like dryer and electric range plugs).


By watching our videos (Watch Our Videos Here:, you will find that we use other accessories to properly heat a room.  If the accessory you are looking for doesn’t come in the packages we offer you can always add it on by shopping here

  • Power Distribution Kit – This kit includes 30 Amp, 220V Temporary Power Box, with Bag. 3 Wire Dryer Cord New & Old Style, 3 Wire Range Cord New & Old Style and Generator Adapter / Extension Cord 30Ft. Total Weight 28 lbs (Find it Here:
  • Sprinkler Head Cover - If the rooms you will be heating are equipped with a sprinkler system, those sprinkler heads will need to be covered before heating can begin.  We have instructions listed here ( for you to make these yourself….no extra cost to add these to your package!

Step 3: Pick The Package

We have 4 distinct packages collections ready for you located on our “Collections” page of our website (  We have packages perfect for any apartment owner (, hotel manager ( or the Pest Professional (  Choose a package from one of these collections or build your own package by adding the items you need to the card from our full list of products ( 

Still have questions?  Call us at 877-375-0005 and we will help you pick out the best heating package made especially for you!  Stop your profits from draining away today!  Get your Convectex Heaters and Kill bed bugs FAST!!  Become one of the hundreds of businesses in the U.S using the Convectex Heaters.

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