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Dec 7, 2020

How Does the Weather Effect Bed Bug Problems?

                How Does the Weather Effect Bed Bug Problems?



If you’ve been unlucky enough to be affected by Bed Bugs during the summer months, at a time when all insect problems are at their peak, you may be hoping that colder weather will bring some respite. Maybe the problem will disappear on its own during the winter months… Think again!

Unfortunately, Bed Bugs are a year-round problem and you can never leave it to nature to get rid of them. Without direct action from you, the problem will only get worse.

Are Bed Bugs influenced by the weather?

It is true that in cool climate Bed Bugs seem to be affected by the weather outside if it makes it less comfortable for them indoors. They are less active, biting fewer times, and egg hatching can take up to 3 times longer. But they have found ways to adapt to poorer conditions and if necessary will hibernate, slowing their metabolism so that they can go without food for months. At this time it’s more difficult to be sure that an infestation has been completely eradicated. As soon as the temperature improves they’re ready to come back with renewed vigor.

Bed Bugs Only Need Us to Thrive – Regardless of the Weather

Bed Bugs always seek out the company of people. They can sense the CO2, warmth, and moisture of our bodies. Summer heat and humidity from June to October is ideal for them to mate and lay eggs. When the weather outside gets colder we like to warm our houses up and snuggle under more blankets. This suits them fine and they can be completely unaffected by the seasons, enjoying the comfort and food we provide.

Essentially, if we’re comfortable, so are they.

Can low temperatures kill Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs have a high cold tolerance and can survive short exposure to temperatures as low as -13℉. Only sustained freezing will kill them, temperatures below 0℉ for about four days. Something you’re not going to be able to do throughout your home.

Can high temperatures Kill Bedbugs?

Recent research has shown that Bed Bugs exposed to a heat of 115℉ will die if exposed to that temperature for 90 minutes or more. Eggs require a temperature of 120℉ for 90 minutes for 100% mortality. This is not the kind of temperature the weather is going to create in your home, but there are ways it can be achieved by a specialized DIY Bed Bug heater from Convectex.

Why are heat treatments so effective for pests?

Bed Bugs are very good at hiding in tiny cracks and crevices around your home. Insecticides may miss some of these hiding places, they are not good for the environment, and modern Bed Bugs have become highly resistant to some insecticides. Even a few eggs or dormant adults that are untreated may start the whole infestation again.

Heat is non-toxic, it can be used to treat all Bed Bug life stages with complete effectiveness and by its nature it will reach into every nook and cranny! Plus, as soon as the room cools down, it’s safe for you, your family, and your pets to enter once more. There are no lasting effects or harmful odors.

Convectex offers cutting edge easy-to-use equipment for both the professional and home owner. It is a fast and affordable way to treat a single room or a whole building. Convectex technology will eradicate all stages of Bed Bug development. To find out more about how our heaters can help you, click here.


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