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Nov 1, 2018

Don’t Make These BIG Bed Bug Mistakes!

                Don’t Make These BIG Bed Bug Mistakes!



The discovery of bed bugs often leads people to take drastic measures to kill them.  These blood sucking pests leave itchy red bites behind, and watching your children and other family members scratch and complain of “mysterious” bites can lead anyone to take any avenue possible to kill the bugs.  There are a few No-No's when it comes to killing bed bugs though, and everyone should be aware of these before attempting any treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Mistakes

    1.  Off the Shelf Sprays And Foggers

      Not only will these cheap and ineffective treatments leave you with just as many bed bugs as when you started, they can actually cause the problem to spread.  While the sprays are right about one thing, bed bugs don’t like the chemicals that the sprays and foggers emit, they don’t tell you on the box that there is a VERY high chance that the bed bugs will be dispersed and just go into hiding until the chemicals have dissipated.  Bed bugs will move into the walls, under carpeting and inside furniture to avoid the pesticides.  These bugs can remain in hiding for weeks or even months, all the while they can breed and grow.  Then when the coast is clear, they will re-emerge and begin biting again.

        2.  Dust!

          Another popular treatment for bed bugs is spreading diatomaceous earth around the area.  This method can also cause bed bugs to spread to untreated areas.  Some diatomaceous earth is also dangerous to humans and pets when breathed in.  Because of the danger of breathing in the dust, Bed Bug Detection K-9 units will often not perform inspections in areas where dust has been applied.  Heat treatments could also be “off-the -table” due to the increased air movement that is required in the area.  The heaters and fans will “kick up” the dust making the air in the treatment area unhealthy to breath.

            3.  Heating Equipment Not Specifically Designed for Bed Bug Heat Treatments

              Not only is this mistake probably NOT going to kill the bed bugs, it can be EXTREMELY dangerous.  Home space heaters aren’t manufactured to heat a room to temperatures lethal to bed bugs.  Your home furnace and your cooking oven shouldn’t be used for bed bug treatments either.  There have been countless homes, businesses, and apartment building that have burned to the ground because of unsafe heating methods being used for bed bug treatments.  Heat treatments should ALWAYS be performed with high quality professional equipment that is EPA Registered and manufactured for the purpose of heating a space to kill bed bugs. 

              Convectex offers heat equipment packages for any bed bug elimination need.  Whether you are just an individual that wants to DIY your bed bug treatment, or if you own a hotel that has a bed bug problem, Convectex has a package for you.  Convectex also offers professional packages for pest professionals and rental providers.  Renting professional quality bed bug heaters is also a great alternative to buying bed bug heaters.  You can find a professional bed bug heat equipment rental companies here -

                4.  Quick, Hire Anyone!

                  We know, when you discover a bed bug infestation, the first thing that’s on your mind is – KILL THEM NOW!  But hiring a pest professional is a seriously important task.  An inexperienced pest control company can cause the infestation to spread and could cost you thousands more than needed.  So how do you find an experienced pest professional that can get the job done quickly and effectively?  Convectex has pest professionals using the Convectex heating systems all over the US and parts of Canada.  Find a professional near you here -

                  If you would like more information about performing high quality, professional heat treatments for yourself, your business, or if you are interested in starting your own pest control business, give Convectex a call at 877-375-0005.  Convectex has everything you need!
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