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Jun 21, 2016

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Steal Your Business Profits

                Don’t Let Bed Bugs Steal Your Business Profits

Business owners are realizing the importance proactive bed bug elimination.  Bed bug control is important in every business, especially hotels/motels and multi-housing property management.  Your customers are also becoming more aware of bed bugs and the possibility of finding them on vacations or daily outings.  Don’t let bed bugs steal your profits this year!  By setting up an effective bed bug elimination method, business owners can avoid the costly aftermath of a bed bug problem.

According to the National Pest Management Associations (NPMA) bed bugs were the most search pest online in 2015. Some of the top searches include pictures of bed bugs, facts about bed bugs and biological information.[1] This not only proves that bed bugs are on the minds of many Americans, it also shows that people are looking for ways to detect and rid themselves of these pests.  People are realizing that they could come home with bed bugs after a simple trip to the movies, or from taking public transportation.  They are also taking action against the bugs and the negligent business owners that allow for bed bugs to occupy their establishment.  In fact, bed bug related lawsuits are so prevalent that law offices are opening that just specialize in bed bug related cases. 

Having bed bugs can be a hugely expensive problem if not taken care of immediately.  Case settlements often are awarded by the hundreds-of-thousands to tenants and guests of negligent business owners. Some of the highest settlements in recent bed bugs cases top $500,000.  This cost would surely be catastrophic for any business.  While a multi-thousand dollar lawsuit is the worst case scenario, a bed bug infestation can effect business in other ways as well.  From lost business to bad publicity any pest problem should be a huge concern.

Along with the rise in awareness of bed bugs also comes a rise in their social media presence.  Customers, tenants, and residents are turning to social media to notify their friends and family of any bed bugs sightings.  This negative publicity can cause un-fixable damage to a business reputation.  In January of 2016 over 1.5 million people viewed the video below, where a New York visitor found a bed bug infestation in their hotel.  The issue caused emotional distress and many bites, which were all made very public.  The video shows live bugs crawling on the mattress as well as other room defects.  It is very unlikely that the hotel will ever be able to fully repair their reputation after such devastating publicity.  This inexcusable lack of proper bed bug control could also land this hotel in a lawsuit for neglecting to keep the problem under control.  The viral video can be seen below (start at 2:40 to see the bugs).


There is an easy way for proactive business owners to avoid any bad publicity or lawsuits.  Just contact Convectex to purchase your bed bug heating system and kill bed bugs yourself.  Save money and kill bed bugs as soon as they are detected by purchasing your very own professional heating system.  Don’t wait for a pest control company to fit you into their busy schedule and pay for multiple treatments for just 1 room.  You can get rid of the bugs in as little as 8 hours and keep your business operational with the Convectex heaters.  Convectex also has training programs available to teach businesses how to detect and effectively use their new equipment to kill bugs the first time! Don’t let bed bugs to steal your profits!  Kill bed bugs before they cause a problem!

For more information, call Convectex; We would be happy to help you choose the right package for your needs. 

We can be reached at 877-375-0005




[1]  Bed Bugs Top List of Most Searched Pests in 2015


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