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Nov 28, 2016

DIY Bed Bug Treatment That Actually Works!

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Of the countless DIY treatments for bed bugs, there are very few that are actually effective in exterminating an entire infestation.  Many of the popular methods don’t kill the entire bed bug life cycle or they simply mask the problem by causing the bed bugs to move to another room.  The best DIY treatment for bed bugs is the same process that pest professionals are using throughout the USA – HEAT!  Here we have a list of 4 popular methods to kill bed bugs and why they don’t work, PLUS how you can get started killing bed bugs with heat.

Mattress Encasements

This is one of the most popular treatments that can be found online.  There are many brands of encasements that claim to kill bed bugs.  The treatments work by suffocating the bed bugs by covering your infested mattress in plastic.  However, there is a major flaw in this treatment; bed bugs don’t just live in your mattress.  Bed bugs are commonly found in the bed frame, inside bedroom furniture, under carpets, inside walls, and in/behind drapes and wall decorations.  By encasing your mattress, you may be killing some of the bugs, but certainly not all of them.

Diatomaceous Earth

This treatment is performed by spreading a powdery chalk-like substance called Diatomaceous Earth around the infested room.  Diatomaceous Earth is an inexpensive treatment option that can be found at many hardware stores and feed stores.  It claims to kill bed bugs by wearing out their outer shells and dehydrating them to death.  This treatment had been proven to be ineffective due to the fact that every bug would have to walk through the powder many times in order to dehydrate them enough for extermination.  In many cases bed bugs simply move to another room when DE is applied.  This treatment also has no effect on hidden eggs and young bed bugs that don’t venture out of their hidden homes inside walls, flooring, or furniture.  The final major draw-back to this treatment is that DE is dangerous for humans and pets to breath in.  Once applied you shouldn’t move around that room for fear of spreading the powder into the air.

Store Bought Pesticides

Nearly every hardware store sells a variety of products that promise to kill bed bugs quickly and cheaply.  But, there are 3 reasons why these treatments just don’t work as they say they will.

  1. Bed bugs are constantly evolving their defenses to these types of pesticides and chemicals. Making it increasingly difficult to use chemicals against bed bugs for full extermination.
  2. In order for these treatments to have any chance of working, each bug must be sprayed individually. Again, hidden bed bugs will not be effected.
  3. Bed bugs will likely move to a safer location once they detect a chemical substance that they don’t like. This spreads the infestation around and makes it harder to eliminate.

Boiling Water

This treatment is commonly seen in dorm rooms and places where people are uneducated in the ways to treat bed bug issues.  Boiling water is poured on areas were bed bugs have been seen in order to drown or burn them to death.  As mentioned above, bed bugs like to hide, and it would be impossible to drench an entire room with enough hot water to kill all of the bed bugs.  Plus, the obvious draw-back of water damage makes this treatment a foolish choice.

Heat Treatments

The final DIY treatment that we will cover in this article is the ONLY one that truly works against a bed bug infestation.  Heat treatments are performed by raising the temperature of a room or structure quickly and holding it until all the bed bugs have been eradicated.  Even the bugs that are hiding in the flooring, ceiling, inside furniture or in wall coverings are killed when the head permeates the entire space.  Convectex provides the highest quality heaters that can be used by home owners, pest professionals, and hotel/apartment managers.  Our bed bug heaters are easy to use and usually only take between 12-24 hours for set up, treating the area, and tear down. 

For more information about how you can kill bed bugs using heat visit our heat information page at  Get your bed bug heater package today! 

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