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Oct 1, 2018

DIY Bed Bug Treatment Myths - Part 2

                DIY Bed Bug Treatment Myths - Part 2



The Myth: Heat will hurt the electronics and other items in my home.

The Truth:  Before a heat treatment is performed there are a few items that should be removed from the room.  These include medications, food, and anything that could melt such as candles.  Pets and some plants should also be removed.  Electronics and other items in the room SHOULD NOT be removed.  While heaters and fans should not be directly blowing on your electronics, the heat in the room will not damage these items.

A Better Solution:  Read up about heat treatments at or attend a training class to learn how safe and effective heat treatments can be!

The Myth: I need to throw away my mattress and linens to get rid of bed bugs.

The Truth:  Throwing away your belongings is not a treatment for bed bugs.  Throwing away items infested with bed bugs only spreads them to other people and locations.  Bed bugs also live in the entire room, not just in your bed, so getting rid of the bed will only reduce the number of bugs by a small amount.

A Better Solution: HEAT HEAT HEAT!  Kill all the bed bugs in the entire room by using Convectex Bed bug Heaters!

The Myth: Bed bug treatments take days or months to solve the problem.

The Truth:  If you perform a traditional chemical treatment alone then the statement above would be true…however that is NOT the best way to kill bed bugs.  If you opt for a heat treatment you can rest assured that once lethal temperatures of 122 degrees have been reached, bed bugs will die in seconds.  Heat is especially effective because it can permeate the inside of all items in the room, even the walls and floor.  When used as directed, Convectex heat can permeate all areas of the room in 6-8 hours.  Then it is advised to close the room and allow it to cool slowly, furthering the heat exposure time.  In less than 24 hours all the bed bugs will have died and the room can be re-entered and cleaned as needed.

THE BEST SOLUTION:  Quit waiting for ineffective treatments to solve your bed bug problem!  Purchase a bed bug heat package from and perform super effective heat treatments for yourself and the residents and businesses in your area.  We have everything you need to start your business, including the equipment, training and marketing materials. 

To learn more about heat treatments call Convectex!!

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