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Oct 11, 2017

Convectex Heat Treatments for Any Pest Problem

                Bed Bug Lethal Temperature Chart

The effectiveness of heat treatments against bed bugs has been proven time and time again by countless pest professionals and apartment / hotel owners around the country.  Heat is quickly becoming the go-to method for killing bed bugs due to its high accuracy and speed.  While pest professionals use Convectex heaters to kill bed bugs regularly many are not aware of the other uses that the heaters can be used for. 

Complete Bug Eradication

The chart below shows how Convectex heat can be used to treat various bugs that destroy your home or bite you when you sleep.  And as an added bonus, heat kills the eggs and other stages of these insects life-cycles as well…which means no more re-occurring infestations. Heat treatments can be used in entire structures, confined areas or for spot treatments.  There is no odor, and after a cooling period the area is safe for people and pets to re-enter and resume business as usual.

Temp °F

German Cockroach

Bed Bug

Drywood Termite

Argentine Ant


58 min

14 min

265 min

8 min


27 min

7 min

30 min

4 min


16 min

3 min

10 min

2.5 min


7 min

1 min

6 min

1 min


This chart is just a small list of the bugs that can be killed using heat.  Other successful treatments have been performed on scorpion infestations, dust mites, carpenter ants, other species of cockroaches, rodents and other household bugs.  In just 8 hours of applied heat almost any pest problem can be solved.  This is a HUGE improvement from the need for multiple chemical applications and re-peat treatments required for other pest control efforts.

No More Damp Spaces For Bugs To Hide

Convectex heaters use clean, dry, heated air which is cycled through the treatment area with high powered fans.  This process rapidly reduced the moisture in the surrounding structure.  Moisture is a huge necessity for many bug species and the lack of it will ensure that the area is uninhabitable to future pest problems.  We wrote an article about how you can solve moisture problems with the bed bug heaters which can be found here -

If you would like to start using heat in your pest control business, or if you own/manage a hotel, motel or apartment complex and would like a DIY pest solution call Convectex right away.  We have experienced professionals waiting to answer your questions and set you up with the perfect heat package for your needs.  Convectex offers a huge range of heat packages to fit any budget and pest control need, OR you can build your own package with the help of our trained and experienced staff.  Get your heat treatment packages today by visiting For more info call 877-375-0005.

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