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Feb 1, 2023

Commercial Bed Bug Heaters: How to Choose

                Commercial Bed Bug Heaters: How to Choose

Heat is the best option when it comes to commercial bed bug treatment. If you're a hotel owner, commercial property manager, or a professional pest control company investing in the right industrial bed bug heater is crucial to eliminating your current bed bug problem and keeping them out during future occurrences. Let Convectex get you on the path to success with Equipment and Training.

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Here are some tips for choosing the right industrial-grade bed bug heater system for your commercial property or pest control business.

Commercial vs. Residential Spaces: What's the difference?

Commercial spaces have different challenges regarding bed bug control and can vary dramatically in size, shape, and function. It could be a large apartment complex, hotel/motel, hospital, urgent care, or library. In contrast, residential homes are typically standard, with bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. A commercial bed bug heater system must address a different set of challenges.

When choosing a commercial heater for bed bugs, you should first ask these questions:

  • What is the typical room size that you will be treating? (Size)
  • How is the room's electrical system configured? (Electrical)
  • How much time do you have to conduct a treatment? When does the room need to be used again? (Timeframe)

Commercial Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels require a discreet solution when treating bed bugs. An outbreak or even rumors of bed bugs can devastate sales and impact occupancy rates. It is essential to use a system that is fully contained in the infested room with quiet equipment that won't draw unnecessary attention. For this reason, an electric heating system is ideal.

Fortunately, hotel and motel rooms are typically standard sizes and configurations. When choosing a system, select one that can handle your largest rooms. A more extensive system can quickly handle your smaller rooms.

Powering Electric Bed Bug Heaters can be challenging, but Convectex has a solution. The electrical systems in a hotel room can be limited. Fortunately, they often have a 220v outlet in the A/C PTAC configuration. Convectex offers an electric Hotel Bed Bug Heater that can plug directly into the PTAC outlet to power the heater. It is simple and safe.

Hotels and motels do have the advantage of controlling the frequency of use in the infested rooms. Your booking staff can block off rooms for long durations until the issues have been resolved.

An electric heater system works best when it runs for 24 hours. The safety features allow for minimal monitoring, so the operators can check on the system every few hours while conducting other routine tasks. You don't need a dedicated person to operate these systems.

Check out the full line of Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels and Motels from Convectex.

Commercial Bed Bug Heaters for Apartments and Multi-Unit Housing

Like Hotels, apartments have a unique set of challenges. The units often have variability in size and configuration and can have a wide range of electrical situations.

It is important to be discreet in an apartment complex but not like a hotel because a long-term lease often binds the tenants. The strategy often becomes more of a team effort instead of a skeleton-in-the-closet approach. This strategy allows for a slightly more aggressive approach using larger heaters and more fans.

Electrical systems can also vary dramatically in apartments, but because discretion is not as vital, you'll have more options to explore. Convectex offers a great solution to powering these industrial heaters for bed bugs with its Turtle Pro-Power Distribution and Step Down Kit. It converts a standard 220v outlet into four 110v plugs. This system allows you to power a heater using one 220v plug.

The big challenge with commercial bed bug control in apartments is that the heat treatment must be quick. The area of concern is also the tenant's home. The treatment will require disruption in their daily routine and possibly the cost of a hotel stay. This disruption means you'll need to maximize the heating rate with a more extensive system.

Check out the Bed Bug Heaters for Apartments and Multi-Unit Housing at Convectex.

Commercial Bed Bug Heaters for Pest Control Professional And Unique Spaces

Bed bugs are not confined to the bed. You might be dealing with an officeairport terminal, or ambulance. Pest control professionals need to be ready for anything.

If you are already treating bed bugs with heat and are ready to upgrade or are exploring this new business service, Convectex can help. We have everything from starter packages that can expand with your business to complete large-scale systems ready to handle anything out there on day one.

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Check out Bed Bug Heater Packages for Professionals from Convectex

At the end of the day, it's crucial to invest in an industrial bed bug heater system that meets all of the needs and requirements of your commercial space. There are a lot of commercial bed bug heaters for sale, so let Convectex get you started with the best heating equipment you need to kill bed bugs fast. With the right industrial-grade bed bug heater system, you can ensure that your commercial property is free of these nasty pests.

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