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May 17, 2017

Bed Bugs Are a Booming Business

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Bed bug infestations are on the rise!  In the past 3-5 years we have seen a huge rise in the number of pest professionals that offer bed bug treatments.  99.6% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year.  The top 3 places that we see infestation occur (not including homes and apartments) are hotels/motels, college dorms, and nursing homes. Bed bugs are seemingly everywhere and are also commonly found in offices, schools and daycare centers, hospitals, public transportation, theaters and more.  In addition to these environments, pest professionals also have reported treating bed bugs in very unusual places, such as a vent above a bathtub, dance clubs, 911 call centers, and on boats.  While more and more pest professionals are being called to treat bed bugs, they still remain one of the most challenging pests to exterminate for many professionals that rely on traditional extermination methods. 

So why are bed bugs so hard to treat, you ask?  Bed bugs are extremely hearty insects and are experts at hiding and “hitching rides” on unsuspecting people.  Over the past 10 years scientists have been studying bed bugs and their ability to evolve resistances to many of the traditional chemical extermination methods.  With each passing year bed bugs become more and more resistant to chemical treatments, often leaving pest professionals and the victims of bed bug attacks with repeat infestations and months of treatment efforts.  But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Studies have proven that bed bugs are extremely vulnerable to high temperatures.  This has led MANY pest professionals to turn to heat treatments to kill bed bugs. Heat is one of the only ways to kill all the bugs hidden inside a structure without causing damage or requiring months of repeat treatments.  Young bed bugs, also called nymphs, and bed bug eggs are often hidden inside furniture, walls and under carpeting where traditional chemical extermination efforts can’t reach them.  This is one of the leading causes for re-occurring infestations.  While bed bugs may be a daunting task for some pest professionals, with the right training and equipment you call kill ALL the bed bugs, even those tiny eggs and protected nymphs with just ONE treatment. 

So how can you get in on the booming business of bed bug extermination?

Look no further than!

Invest in the Best Equipment

Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and years of experience to provide you with bed bug heat products that you can count on to manage bed bugs effectively!  All of the Convectex heaters are designed in America and are safe, light, and easy to use.  These heaters, when used correctly, will start killing bed bugs within the first 60 minutes of treatment and continue killing bugs while the room cools.  Convectex even offers packages specially built for new bed bug businesses just getting started.  Whether you are starting a brand-new business or adding bed bug heat treatments to your pest control arsenal, Convectex has what you need.

Get the Proper Training

Convectex offers training in bed bug identification and heat treatments.  During the 1 ½ day training course that is available multiple times a year, the Convectex expert bed bug technicians teach in depth bed bug biology and behavior, advanced identification and inspection techniques, hands on K-9 inspections, health factors and lawsuit information, proactive bed bug management procedures, and hands on treatment techniques.  You will leave the training with everything you need to run a successful bed bug elimination business.

Don’t let this business opportunity pass you by!  Join the hundreds of businesses around the U.S using Convectex heaters to eliminate bed bugs in their area. For more info about the Convectex pest professional packages visit  or give us a call at 877-375-0005 for more information.

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