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Jul 1, 2024

Bed Bug Heat Treatments: What to Remove

                Bed Bug Heat Treatments: What to Remove

Bed bug heat treatments are the most effective way to eradicate bed bugs, and a little preparation will ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Preparing your home for a bed bug heat treatment involves carefully considering what items must be removed and what must remain in the room to ensure safety and effectiveness. Heat can damage some household objects, so they need to be removed.

Here's a detailed guide on what to remove and what can stay in your home during the treatment: 

Items to Remove from Your Home Before a Heat Treatment 

Pets and Plants

  • Pets: All pets, including fish in aquariums, must be removed from the treatment area. The high temperatures can be fatal to animals.
  • Houseplants: Remove all houseplants as they can wilt or die from heat exposure.

Perishables and Consumables

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: These should be taken out to prevent spoilage.
  • Food that Melts: Items such as chocolate, candy, and other foods that melt should be removed.
  • Wine and Alcohol: Wine bottles and alcohol products should be removed to prevent explosion or spoilage.
  • Prescriptions and OTC Medicines: Store these in a cool place away from the treatment area, as they can degrade under high heat.
  • Cosmetics and Deodorants: Items that can melt or degrade at high temperatures should be removed.

Heat-Sensitive Items

  • Candles and Wax-Based Items: Remove these to prevent melting and potential damage.
  • Art Supplies: Certain art supplies, like paints and glues, can be damaged by heat.
  • Flammables: Items such as lighters, lamp fuel, alcohol, and solvents should be removed due to fire risk.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Even if a product is not labeled as flammable, it's a good idea to remove it from the premises for the duration of the treatment. 

Personal and Irreplaceable Items

  • Wood and String Musical Instruments: These should be taken out to avoid warping or damage from the heat.
  • Family Heirlooms and Irreplaceable Items: Inspect these items and remove them if they might be damaged by heat. These should be stored in a safe, cool area.

Electronics, Furniture, and Other Goods 

  • Electronics: Disconnect large electronics such as computers, TVs, and gaming systems in the treatment area. Ensure they are unplugged, and batteries are removed when possible. Smaller electronics, like cell phones, tablets, and laptops, should be removed to prevent damage. 
  • Waterbeds and Airbeds: Drain waterbeds and partially deflate airbeds to prevent damage. If the airbed has an electronic pump, make sure it's unplugged.
  • Loose Papers and Breakable Items: Secure these items to prevent them from being blown around by the circulating hot air. This includes papers, glass items, and knick-knacks.
  • Wall Hangings: Secure wall decor should be fine, but if it's not secured properly or has sentimental value and is hard to replace, it is best to remove it from the area or put it on the ground so the fans can't disturb it. 

Items to Keep in the House

  • Heavy Furniture: These can stay as the heat will penetrate these items effectively. 
  • Wall Fixtures: Items fixed to walls or ceilings can generally remain as heat will not affect them.
  • Clothing, Bedding, and Linens: Clothing and bedding can remain in place, but make sure you don't leave piles of clothing or linens, as it can restrict airflow within the fabric. 

Following these guidelines ensures that the bed bug heat treatment is effective and safe for your belongings.

Stay in Control with a DIY Heat Treatment Package 

For those looking to maintain control over their pest control, we offer DIY heat treatment packages for homeowners, renters, and business owners. These packages are designed to help you effectively manage and eliminate bed bug infestations on your terms, whenever you need to, often at the same price as a professional treatment. Click here to explore our packages and find the one that's right for you. 


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