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Aug 2, 2018

Are Bed Bugs A Seasonal Problem?

                Are Bed Bugs A Seasonal Problem?



After reviewing the BedBug Central’s “Bed Bug Activity Survey” we saw some fascinating trends in bed bug activity.  Overall, the study found that seasonal bed bug trends are present and are following the historical path from the last 10-20 years.  Bed Bug Central’s data was collected by asking participants monthly if their treatments were up, flat, or down.  The data was then analyzed to determine the country wide trends in bed bug activity.

The main observation that was noted is that most countries have a seasonal spike in bed bug activity in the warmer summer months.  This same trend is noted for many insects, such as German Cockroaches, Spiders and other pests.  The survey suggests that increased travel and increased temperatures could all be factors as to why bed bug activity increases in the summer months.

Some trends also show that activity increases around the holidays when more people travel.  Of course, larger cities and places with high populations are at higher risk for bed bugs issues.  Because bed bugs hitch rides from person to person it makes sense that the most infested cities are also the most populated. 

Although there is no official “bed bug season” surveys like the one mentioned above can give us an insight to when pest control businesses will be the busiest.  Bed bugs are a huge problem in the U.S., in fact 78% of pest control companies rate them above cockroaches, ants, and termites in the number of treatments they perform each year.  And 99.6% of pest control companies have had an encounter with bed bugs in the past year.

Don’t Miss Out on the Bed Bug Opportunity

Bed bugs are everywhere, they may be more active in the summer, but they are still extremely present everyday of the year.  Bed bugs have proven to be one of the largest pest control areas in the country.  Convectex Heat Systems are designed to kill bed bugs in just 1 treatment, so you can treat every bed bug call.  Quit turning down jobs, sending away business and losing money!

Convectex can help you get your bed bug eradication business off the ground with a variety of business opportunities. 

  1. Add Heat Treatments to Your Pest Control - You can buy a heat package from Convectex for any size business. Perform super effective heat treatments for your clients in just 6-8 hours (in most cases).  We also offer financing and no payments for 90 days (for qualified customers).
  2. Rent Heaters – Rent DIY heaters directly from your website, or through our sister site Give us a call to learn more!
  3. Perform Your Own, Inhouse Bed Bug Treatments – Don’t pay an exterminator to do your bed bug inspections and heat treatments, DO IT YOURSELF. Convectex offers the equipment and training you need to perform you own bed bug treatments for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about heat treatments give us a call at 877-375-0005.


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