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Mar 7, 2019

And Stay Out! Preventative Measures Against Bed Bugs

                Bed Bug Mattress



Bedbug Matress

Once you’ve gotten rid of your bed bugs, you’ll want to take preventative measures. Even though heat treatments are foolproof against infestations, you got bed bugs from somewhere. After all, bed bugs are found in a number of places you might visit every day -- and they can easily cling to a purse, coat, or pant leg.

After you’ve gotten rid of your infestation, make sure to get a bed bug cover for your mattress. There are some that say that preventative sprays work -- others say that essential oils work just as well. Most bugs are sensitive to mint, although the amount needed to repel any kind of pest will make your home smell extremely fresh.

And you might be wondering whether or not bed bugs can lay in wait on your dog while you treat your home. Never fear! Bed bugs will not live on your pet, but they will bite them (well, unless they’re fish). Your dog, cat, or any other animal that produces carbon dioxide, will gain the attention of lurking bed bugs. Any preventative measure you take must be taken with your pet’s bedding, as well.

If you get a bed bug heat system, you’ll never have to worry about infestations from another place, though -- you can get rid of them yourself in no time, even if you pick them up from a train or movie theater.

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