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Feb 1, 2016



o Do not use any pesticide bombs, foggers, sprays, dusts prior to heat treatment.
o Do not remove any thing from treatment area except for items placed in sealed garbage bags to be permanently removed.
o All Furniture and must be pulled away from walls 4 to 6 inches.
o Excessive piles of linens or clothing should be sealed in bags, left in treatment area, and then separately washed and dried on the highest heat setting.
o Unplug all electronics.
o Any items (clothing, shoes, valuables) taken out with occupant on day off heat treatment must be thoroughly inspected and sanitized before being reintroduced to treated area.
o Permanently dispose of all trash and unwanted items before treatment.
o Improperly secured pictures may blow down should be taken down and laid flat.
o Vinyl or faux wood blinds have a low heat tolerance; they can be laid flat to avoid warping.
o High power fans are used during this process; loose papers should be secured or weighted down.

Heat sensitive Items:

• MUST BE INSPECTED, SANITIZED and PLACED IN A SEAMLESS PLASTIC CONTAINER and either placed in refrigerator or removed from treatment area.
• Remove Melt-able items like chocolate, lip stick, candles, crayons, deodorants.
• Remove Aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, lighters, soda cans, and pressurized containers.
• Remove wines, liquors, perishables, medications & vitamins, vinyl records.
• Items assembled with hot melt glue.
• Wireless routers, batteries.

To insure a proper treatment:

• Back-packs, purses, briefcases, textbooks and all non-essentials should be left IN the treatment area.
• Air flow is critical to this process, over-packed closets and rooms may not be able to be treated properly.
• Cement, tile, brick, block, rock, high-ceilings may require longer heat times and/or more equipment.
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