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Jan 9, 2016

The Cost of Ineffective Bed Bug Elimination Methods

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Bed bugs cost businesses and individuals thousands of dollars each year.

From failed attempts at DIY treatments to expensive lawsuits bed bug are stealing profits from business owners around the country. Court cases claiming “negligence” against hotel/motel owners and property managers are rising. These claims not only cost money in settlements but can damage the business reputation so severely that it can take months, or even years, to repair. It is more important than ever to have a bed bug notification, detection, and elimination plan in place.

Bed Bug On matress

The number of bed bug related lawsuits are rising every year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being awarded in “negligence” claims against businesses that don’t have a bed bug elimination system in place. In one of the more recent cases, $100,000 was awarded to a woman in a lawsuit against a Red Roof Inn (RRI), making it one of the highest settlements awarded to a single individual in a bed bug related case. The argument against RRI stated that the hotel know about the bed bug problem and did not resolve the issue or search the room before renting it out. The one night stay at the RRI resulted in many bites that covered the woman’s arms and hands. The amount was awarded to cover the medical and emotional strain that bed bugs caused the RRI guest. While the medical costs of the bed bugs couldn’t have reached $100,000, the court decided to “punish” the hotel for ignoring the problem. [1]

Another costly mistake that business owners can make is not educating their tenants on the proper procedure to notify management of a bed bug problem and what steps they can take to eliminate the bugs. This is especially true in the multi-housing industry. A tragic story of property loss was reported in Detroit in November 2015. A woman, while trying to rid her apartment of bed bugs, ended up burning down the entire apartment complex. According to reports, the woman was trying to heat her apartment to kill the bed bugs that had plagued her for years. She turned up her furnace, turned on the oven and spread flammable liquids on the carpet and furniture all to try to kill the unwanted pests. Unfortunately, because of the lack of information, resources, and experienced pest exterminators provided to the tenants of this housing complex, they were left to “fend for themselves” and try dangerous DIY methods. More than 2 dozen families lost their homes in the blaze. [2]

In a time where the bed bug population is constantly growing, it is more important than ever to have a solid bed bug elimination plan in place. This includes regular inspections, proven and safe elimination methods, and proper education available to all employees, residents, and management personnel. With the Convectex Heat Systems you can safely and effectively rid any structure of bed bugs in as little as 6-8 hours. Convectex also offers the resources to train your staff and tenants as to the proper detection, and notification procedures if bed bugs are spotted. The Apartment Bed Bug Master Package gives business owners everything they need to keep the bed bugs away - including heat equipment, training, and educational materials. Use the same equipment the pro’s use with Convectex Bed Bug Heaters. Call today for more info 877-375-0005.


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