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Dec 8, 2015

Increasing Negative Impacts Affecting the Apartment and Multi-Housing Industry

                Increasing Negative Impacts Affecting the Apartment and Multi-Housing Industry

The in past 8-10 years we have seen a drastic rise in bed bug infestations. Bed bugs now populate all 50 states in the US and can be found in public transportation, at the library, in schools and hospitals, and even at movie theaters. Since bed bugs are becoming easier and easier to “pick up” in public places, it’s no wonder that we are seeing a rise in home and business infestations as well.

Apartment buildings and Multi Housing units are being hit hard with bed bug related issues. Lawsuits, loss of business and reputation due to bed bugs are constantly on the mind of proactive property managers. Thanks to the efforts from the IBBRA and Convectex there are now resources and equipment to help these concerned property managers.

At Convectex we offer a wide variety of heat packages to fit every need. Even with our smallest package you can rid the bed bugs from a room with the ease and safety that the professional exterminators provide at a fraction of the cost.

Our full Proactive Equipment and Education Suite is designed to lock Multi-Housing budgets and aid in the protection of frivolous lawsuits. Our heaters and fans are easy to set up and with our training program you will be an expert at killing bed bugs in no time.

Kill bed bugs yourself with the easy and safe heat treatments from

The IBBRA Layered Defense Strategy
Our brand new layered defense strategy is available for purchase with our IBBRA Certified Master Package . With this package you get the resources and knowledge to properly resolve a bed bug issue and give your tenants the proper ways to notify management of a potential problem.

  • Reduce "Infestations to Occurrences!"

  • Lock in Your Bedbug Remediation Costs!

  • Put money BACK into Your ROI!

  • Find Bed Bugs BEFORE they Spread!

  • Protect Your Reputation! Enforce Policy and Procedures!

Developing and investing in a proven proactive bed bug strategy is vital for your property's legal and financial well-being! We help you put the procedures in place to protect you and your tenants the importance of proactive pest detection and elimination.

The One-Two Punch of the IBBRA Layered Defense Strategy along with Convectex's proven Bed Bug Heat treatment systems and years of hands on bed bug heat treatment experience is a proven strategy that will help protect against a serious infestations from ever occurring in your building. Don’t waste another night worrying about a potential bed bug problem.
Visit to find the package that is right for you.

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