5 Ways to Improve Your Bed Bug Treatment Business

Running a bed bug heat treatment business can be highly rewarding, and sometimes stressful. One thing that we’ve learned by helping hundreds of pest control businesses, is that there’s always room for improvement somewhere.  Whether you’ve been running your business for years, or you’re just starting out, we have a few tips to help you run a successful bedbug business.

Tip 1:  Carefully determine a pricing strategy

Many pest control professionals undervalue their services by charging too little.  Your services and products are worth the money.  Don’t devalue your service by charging too little.  Often times by charging more for your services your company narrative will shift from “we’re affordable” to “We offer the best quality”.  Over time this shift will lead to higher margins, better customer retention, and even better service.  Most bed bug business whose business plan is built around the motto "the cheapest in town" go out of business!

Tip 2:  Get training for you and your staff

A qualified workforce will not only lead to better treatment results, but it will also give your customers confidence in your service and will determine referrals and repeat business.  Each of your employees should be a part of a training course before ever hitting the field. 

If you need help with training yourself or your staff we suggest you sign up for the next Bed Bug Pro Training Course [link; https://convectex.com/products/bed-bug-education-and-training-course].  The Convectex team will personally train you and your staff in advance identification techniques, hands on K-9 and heat treatment techniques, business information, health and safety and so much more.

Tip 3:  Go digital and optimize for mobile users

Customers are changing their shopping and buying habits.  More and more people are shopping on their phones while on the go.  Your business will likely be left in the dust if you aren’t utilizing web advertising as part of your marketing strategy.

Make sure your website gives a great first impression, especially on mobile devices.  Your website could make or break sales before you even talk to a potential customer.  It’s worth it to invest in your online presence and make sure that it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Online scheduling is another huge advantage of having a great website.  Convectex offers an online scheduling application as part of The Enterprise Rental Biz Starter package for any businesses that are currently using the WordPress platform.  The RentBedBugHeaters Scheduling Plug-In allows you to schedule rentals right from your website much like users can do from rentbedbugheaters.com.  This invaluable tool will help you convert leads into sales and streamlines your processes.

Tip 4:  Don’t forget the proper licensing and insurance

If you haven’t already, make sure you have all the state-required and industry-specific licensing to provide the services you plan to offer.  In this case, overkill is never underrated.  Make sure you have everything you could possibly need and don’t shy away from redundancies.  You may want to speak to several insurance agents on a regular basis to make sure you have the coverage that you need, at a price that is competitive.  Make sure that you thoroughly explain all of your services and how your business operates.  This process will help ensure that there aren’t any insurance gaps in your coverage.  Talking with accountants and attorneys on a yearly basis is also a good idea to make sure your contracts and finances are being handled correctly.

Many times business owners don’t pay enough attention to these critical issues in their business until something goes wrong.  We recommend making a yearly reminder to review these areas of your business and make sure all your assets are covered.

Tip 5: Offer Eco-friendly treatment options

One of the most important factors for all pest control businesses is the ability to accommodate environmental requirements.  The ability to implement new and improved technology will be very important for your company’s success.  By offering heat treatments for bed bugs, not only are you keeping the environment safe from harmful chemicals, but you can also boast cleaner and more effective treatments for your clients.  Customers with chemical sensitivities, allergies or compromised health will also appreciate a non-chemical option for pest control.

If you aren’t using Convectex bed bug heaters in your business yet, check out our heat packages at https://convectex.com/collections.  Offering bed bug heat treatments will benefit your business by giving your customers fast and effective treatments that will leave them happy to tell their friends about your service.  Plus, business owners love the fact that heat treatments can be applied without the need to shut down the entire building for a simple treatment.

Convectex is here to help your business succeed!  For more info about our heat treatment package, training options, or even website design, contact us at 877-375-0005