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Oct 2, 2023

5 Most Common Bugs in Hotels and How to Avoid Bringing Them Home

                5 Most Common Bugs in Hotels and How to Avoid Bringing Them Home

When we think of staying in a hotel, we think of crisp white sheets, a good view, and time alone to destress - even if it's just between business meetings. We don't think about the bugs that might be lurking, even in five-star luxury rooms. However, keeping your wits about you is a good idea whenever you spend the night away. 

Awareness of the most common bugs you might find and how to deal with them is your first line of defense. Let's take a look at the top 5 bugs you're most likely to encounter and what you should look out for:

5 Most Common Bugs Found in Hotels

1. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that often hide in mattress seams, cracks in the wall, and carpets. They leave behind tiny black fecal spots, shed skins, and, sometimes, a sweet yet musty odor.

It's not the most fun way to start a trip, but a good inspection of your hotel room can save you from a big headache when you get home. Inspect your room thoroughly, paying close attention to the mattress and box spring, headboard, and nearby furniture for signs of infestation. If you find bed bugs, notify the hotel management immediately. 

When you get home, do not take your luggage inside. Bed bugs often hitchhike in your suitcase, and it's always best to treat them here instead of inside your home after they have become established. The best way to treat your suitcase is with a heat treatment using a Convectex Heater System. Designate a small, safe bathroom to set up the heater and place the suitcase in the shower or bathtub. Turn on the heat and start killing without opening up your suitcase. 

If you don't have a heater system yet, immediately transferring all your clothes to your washing machine for a hot wash is a good tactic. Our heat treatment packages are available to rent or buy, so you can find the right solution whether you're a regular traveler or a once-a-year vacationer. 

Bed bugs can be elusive, so look for bite marks when you shower. They'll appear as little pink marks, often in clusters near your ankles or other uncovered areas. And be prepared to deal with any hitchhikers when you get home.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are reddish-brown or black beetles, often seen in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Look out for live or dead cockroaches and their droppings resembling black pepper.

It's unlikely you'll have to deal with cockroaches at most hotels, but keeping your food in airtight containers is still good practice. You might find cockroaches in your room if you're staying at an Airbnb or motel. Some people can develop allergies from cockroach poop.

3. Spiders 

Spiders come in various sizes and colors, and what you need to look out for will depend on where you are traveling. While most spiders are harmless, some are poisonous and may think the folds in the clothes inside your suitcase are the perfect place to hide.

Keep your suitcase zipped shut when you're not using it to keep them out and give your clothes a shake out when you get them out of the case.

4. Fleas

Fleas are small, dark insects that move quickly and can be challenging to spot. They can be brought into hotels, Airbnb's, and motels by pets, though pet owners can sometimes be their vehicle of choice.

Regardless, fleas do bite and won't necessarily wait until you sleep. Their bites may feel like a small pinch and cause itchy, red marks. If you suspect fleas are in your hotel room, tell hotel management and consider heat-treating your belongings before you relax at home to avoid your house being infested.

5. Mosquitoes

Nothing is worse to hear when you're trying to sleep than the droning whine of a mosquito flying past your head.

Mosquitoes may make their presence clear when you're trying to sleep, but they can be less evident at other times of day. If you're staying somewhere hot near standing water (whether a swamp or someone's pond), look for the tiny pest in the evenings, and avoid leaving windows and doors open.

Protect Your Home with Convectex Heaters

It's up to the hotel owners to keep their businesses pest-free, but you can't always depend on them to ensure you don't end up with a hitchhiker or two. 

The best way to avoid bringing an unwanted pest home from your travels is to treat your possessions as soon as you get home. 

Convectex offers heat treatment equipment for businesses and consumers, providing an effective solution to keep all pests at bay. We offer packages for rent or to buy, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution to keeping your home pest-free. To learn more about our heat treatment packages to help you safeguard your home, click here.


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