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Aug 1, 2023

5 Hard-to-Catch Signs That You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

                5 Hard-to-Catch Signs That You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Whether you're a pest control professional or a curious homeowner seeking information about bed bugs, you've landed in the perfect spot. We are well-versed in everything related to bed bugs and eager to share our expertise. In this article, we'll reveal five signs of bed bugs that can be challenging to spot, even for trained professionals.

With an awareness of the first signs that you have bed bugs, you can take swift action. Remember, a small infestation is easier and cheaper than a large, established one.

Now, let's delve into the details and equip you with the knowledge to tackle bed bugs effectively.

5 Signs of Bed Bugs Even Professionals Can Miss 

  1. A Musty Odor

Did you know that bed bugs produce a musty, slightly sweet smell? Their scent glands emit an odor resembling that of a wet towel. This smell is typically subtle and can be overlooked as a general "dirty" or musty room smell. If you encounter an unusual, persistent musty odor during an inspection, note that it might be a symptom of bed bugs.

  1. Shell Casings

Bed bugs, like all insects, go through a lifecycle involving several stages. As they mature, they shed their exoskeletons or "shells." These tiny, transparent casings are often dismissed as general dust or debris, leading to a missed infestation. Look out for these shell casings in crevices, around furniture, and especially near beds.

  1. Bed Bug Eggs

One of the most challenging signs to spot is bed bug eggs. Tiny (typically only a millimeter) and pearly white, these eggs can be easily missed. Bed bugs usually lay their eggs in dark, hidden locations, so a thorough inspection with a flashlight is necessary to find their eggs.

  1. Tiny Fecal Spots

Tiny fecal spots can be the silent alarm bells of a bed bug infestation. These spots, often mistaken for specks of dirt, are usually found on mattress seams, box springs, bed frames, and nearby walls. If you find a cluster of tiny black or brown spots, it's time to think of bed bugs.

  1. Small Bites on the Skin

Bed bug bites are often mistaken for mosquitoes, flea bites, or rashes. These small, almost invisible bites, usually in a line or cluster, can be missed if they aren't itchy or are minute. The bites can be itchy and cause discomfort, but they aren't always, causing them to be overlooked.

We understand these signs can be hard to catch, and identifying them requires a trained eye. That's where we step in!

Become a Bed Bug Pro 

We regularly host live online training for professionals, teaching you all our bed bug tricks of the trade, from identification techniques, including advanced K-9 inspections, to understanding health factors and management procedures. We also delve into heat treatment best practices - the most effective way to rid a space of bed bugs.

Find out about our next online training session here:

Want to do some homework before the session? We have a treasure trove of training videos available here, talking you through how to use Convectex heat treatment equipment properly, how to set it up for success, and how to verify your success. To explore our learning resources, click here.


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