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Apr 18, 2016

Adding Bed Bug Treatments to Your Business?

                Adding Bed Bug Treatments to Your Business?

Convectex has everything you need!

If you are thinking about adding bed bug treatments to your pest control business, Convectex can help.  We provide the equipment and services to help you set up every aspect of your new business venture.  From our bed bug eliminating heaters to our advanced training program we give you all the tools to become a bed bug guru.

Here are some of the services and products we offer at Convectex.

State-of-the art bed bug heaters

With Convectex’s cutting edge bed bug killing equipment you can provide quick and effective bed bug solutions to personal residents, hotels/motels, apartment complexes and more.  Our heaters are safe, light and easy to set up and operate, so any trained technician can perform the treatment. 

By using our advanced heat treatments, you can kill bed bugs hiding anywhere in a structure, even the furniture, walls, and flooring.  Convectex heaters also kill bed bugs in all stages of the life cycle, meaning re-occurring infestations are a thing of the past!

Our Professional Training Programs

Convectex offers a variety of training options and methods to fit your needs.  We offer written instructions and graphs, instructional videos, on-site personal training, and remote in-person technical support.  We also have a training facility where you can learn everything you need to know to kill bed bugs like a pro!  All of our trainers have completed thousands of bed bug heat treatments and will teach you the “tricks of the trade” that will help your business become successful and trusted.

The most accurate bed bug detection team – Bed Bug K-9’s

Convectex has specially trained canines for sale nationwide.  The first step in a successful bed bug eradication starts with the room inspection.  Because human technicians are limited to the areas of the rooms that are easily accessible and can be searched during a visual inspection, detection of bed bugs can be difficult.  With our trained K-9’s you can be SURE that all bed bugs have been found, even inside the walls, under flooring, inside furniture, and in hard to see areas.  We recommend using our K-9’s in every initial inspection, and following up with another search once the heat treatment has been completed.  If there are bed bugs, our dogs will find them.  Give your customers peace-of-mind knowing the problem has been solved!

Bed Bug Detection dog

Because of the rise in bed bug sightings, many pest control experts are adding bed bug treatments to their repertoire.  Don’t use dangerous and ineffective methods – give your customers confidence knowing that the BEST and MOST ACCURATE treatments are being performed.  For more information about bed bug heat treatments call us at 877-375-0005.

Check out the professional exterminators using the Convectex heating systems at:

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