Bed Bug Propane Heat Pro Package

Bed Bug Propane Heat Pro Package
List Price: $8,600.00

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$7,799,99 - FREE SHIPPING! This tough as nails propane bed bug heat system treats up to 2,500sqft and is ready to treat bed bugs requiring fast turnover or situations with limited power.

The Original and Most Imitated Direct Drive Propane Bed Bug Heater on the Market!
  • Our 100,000 – 500,000 BTU’s per hour propane bedbug heat treatment package delivers controlled, evenly distributed, heat throughout almost any structure for several hours with high volumes of air movement. This heat package is perfect for the professional bed bug heat eradication company looking to treat bed bugs in residences, warehouses, apartments, and more.  This propane bed bug heat package easily achieves target kill temperatures of 120°F to 160°F in areas as large as 2500sqft. 

    This safe, chemical free approach is the most efficient and environmentally friendly heat treatment method for insect eradication when treating larger structures or when power is not fully available.  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!
  • Propane Bed Bug Heater Package Includes:

    • 1 x Direct Fired Propane or Natural Gas 500,000 BTU heater with Rego temperature adjusting valve or thermostatically controlled configuration.
    • 1 x Gas Hose - 20’ x 3/8” gas hose with 10 psi (red) regulator that attaches with quick connects to the heater.
    • 4 x Mylar Duct - 20” x 25’ duct that attaches to the end of the heater.
    • 1 x Pigtail - Allows multiple propane tanks to be linked together.
    • 1 x T-Block - Attaches to propane cylinder which allows multiple propane tanks to be linked together.
    • 4 x HTX Elite Axial Air Movers
      - Fans used to circulate the heat evenly throughout the structure.
    • 1 x  Door / Window  Blanket
    • 6 x 2 Inch Hand Clips
    • 1 x 25ft Lighted Power Cord
    • 1 x Laser IR Thermometer
    • 1 - year repair or replace warranty on all heaters. Propane tank not included!
    • FREE Shipping to the Lower 48